Social Skills/Pragmatics Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
From SuperDuper.
56 pics w/ prompts
to ask/answer
personal questions.
A/V cues 4 multi-
exchange convers.,
variety of settings.
Up to 160. 19.99
Ss learn to
understnd onverbal
comm. using audio/
video clips. Sev
levels avail.15.99
Visuals to help   
under-stand Easter
and going on an
egg hunt. 1.99
Others available.
Colors, images, and
music are used to
explain what
feelings are.
Ss choose correct
photo of gesture
for meaning.
Ss learn to
accept losing a
Ss learn to stop an
activity when
Lesson about
raising your hand
and waiting to
speak in class.
Ss learn to accept
you cannot always
be first at
Teach young/ low
functioning kids
how to calm down
and problem solve.
games for
pragmatic skills.
Problem solving
situations before,
during, after school.
Other SuperDuper Apps
What Would You Do If ... (community)
What Would You Do If ... (home)
How Would You Feel If ...
What's Being Said?
What Are They Asking?
Difficult Situations
Fact or Opinion?
Practicing Pragmatics
Listening for Absurdities
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check for their sales in May!
40 editable lessons
& videos in full
program for 9.99.
Search app store
for free trial.
Ss learn what NOT to
say in 100+
situations in every
day life. FREE
Rating scale assmt
of 4 social
domains. Gives
scores. FREE
DIY directions to
create your own
stories using
10 premade sched &
soc stories, 2 ea
avail in free trial. Add
yr own. Full ver 7.99
Fun game! Ss help
others in diff
scenarios, or they
suffer the conseq!
#empathy  FREE
Ss learn 2B
independ. in the
community. Videos,
seq'g, games. FREE!
Set time limit to
turns for up to 4
Ss. 2.99
Ss learn that rules
and expectations are
different in different
For bulllies, victims,
bystanders, parents.
Ages 5-6+    FREE
5 modules for
different types of
humor in develop'l
order. Ages 5+
Inter'v story about
being the new kid in
class and fitting in.
Social skills. Free.
Lesson with game
at end. Age 4+
Interactive story
about how to be a
good neighbor.
Ages 2+.
Below you will find my apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. TinyTap is now free
for any teacher or therapist working in the schools. Use link on
home page to sign up.
4 activities to help
young children
understand when to
tell or not tell.
Story to help kids
understand our
feelings change
throughout the day.
For Ss who
situations and get
their feelings hurt.
facial expressions/
feelings behind a
mask. Ages 5+