Frequently Asked Questions
These are questions and resources that are frequently shared on social media.
Q: What's Going On in
Articles Worth Reading
Q: What Does ASHA Say
ASHA Position Statements
Q: Where Can I Get Some CEUs?
CEU Resources
Q: Where Can I Get Free Images?
Public Domain/CC0 images
Q: Which Websites Do You
Recommend for Kids?
Kids' Sites
Q: Where Can I Find
Cheap/Free Apps?
Free App Resources
Q: Where Can I Get Help w/ My
Student Loans?
Student Loan Forgiveness
Q: At What Age Does __
Milestones Guides
Q: How Can I Fund My Project?
Funding Your Projects!
Q: How Do I Write A Resume?
Resume Help
Q: What about telepractice?
Telepractice Info
Q: What Do You Have For
Parent Resources
Q: What Can I Use To Assess ...?
Assessment Resources
Q: Where Can I Find IEP Goals?
Goal Banks
Q: What Support Does ASHA
ASHA Advocacy Resources
Q: What About Reading Help?
Reading Resources
Q: Where Can I Get Tech Help?
Computers/Mobile Devices
Q: I'll be graduating soon. What
is the next step?
Help for Grad Students
Q: Where Can I Get Help With My
AU Students?
Autism Resources
Q: What Do I Need to Know
About Being/Supervising a CF?
CFY resources
Q: How Can I Get Organized?
Getting Organized
Q: I need a job. Help!
Jobs Page
Q: Where can I get info about
bilingual students?
Bilingual Resources
Q: How do I ...?
Technology Help
Q: Where Can I Find EBP info?
Evidence Based Practices