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Starting Your CFY
Supervising a CF
Everything a CF Needs to Know
Great resource from
Louise Valente
Whether you are starting your clinical fellowship
year, or supervising a CF, you can find great
ideas and moral support from social media!
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$tart Investing in Your Retirement!

Advice from Suze Orman: "The amount
you will have accumulated by the time
you retire will determine your lifestyle. If
you're 25 and you start putting $100 a
month in an account that averages 12%
annual return, you'll have approximately
$1 million by age 65. If you start just 10
years later, your $100 a month at an avg
of 12% annual return will have grown to
$300,000 by age 65. Those 10 years just
cost you $700,000!"
5 Mistakes I Made in My CF Year
Advice from
Advice from ME: That statement was
made many years ago when you could
still make 12% interest. The interest rates
are much lower now, and $1 million is
only worth half as much. DON'T WAIT!
Don't look at what you have left after all
your other expenses and say you can't
afford it. Have that money taken right out
of your paycheck before you ever see it.
You will seriously regret it if you don't!
Employer retirement plans can and do
go bankrupt. Social Security is running
out of money.
No one is guaranteed to be
there to support you in your retirement.
Note: Please do not waste other professionals' time
by asking for information you can easily look up
yourself on the internet. You are beginning to form
your own professional image, so don't make it one of
being lazy. If getting results on an internet search is
not your strong suit, here is some help for you:

7 Ways to Find What You Want From the Internet
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