Assessment Materials
Communication Matrix
Free online AAC
assessment. Also good
for low functioning/
non-verbal kids
Sound Dev't Chart
This chart indicates the
upper limits of the
"average" age that children
master particular sounds.
From Cobb County School
Pragmatic Skills
Teacher checklist of
school- aged pragmatic
skills. Created by Cobb Co
School District SLPs.
Narrative Assessment
Typable form for Tracking
Narrative Language
Progress. Adapted from
Gillam & Gillam, 2010
ESL Red Flag Matrix
This chart will help sort out
appropriate referrals for an
eval if student is bilingual.
Native Language
In both English and
Spanish, this is a checklist
to give parents regarding
the child's communication
skills at home in their
native language.
Assessment, Progress
Monitoring, Data
Check out Natalie Snyder's
TpT store for pre-made
Word Retrieval
5 part series of interactive
TinyTap activities to probe
which word retrieval
strategy is most helpful
for your student.
Interpreting Standard
Explanation of meaning of
scores, bell curve chart
Test of Narrative
Free download of
assessment, forms, and
developmental stages of
narrative skills
Dyslexia Symptoms
checklist to use as
a screener if
you have concerns
Sound Dev't Chart
Similar to the one from Cobb
Co., with annotations from
Michelle Sabino,
References cited.
Speech/Lang Skills
Zip file of teacher
checklists from Cobb
County, GA. Language
checklists by grade level.
Also, artic, voice, fluency,
and pragmatics.
ASHA's Multicultural
Phonemic Inventories
Links to phonetic
inventories for many
languages, as well as the
speech accent archive
Differential Diagnosis
Help to decide if it is
a learning disability or a
language disorder.
Pragmatics Profile
By Dewalt & Summers, this
profile contains
developmental norms and
assessment forms for
Preschool and School Age
students' communication
skills in natural environment.
90+ Test Descriptions
From HomeSpeechHome,
this links to test
descriptions and report
CASL-2 Revised Norms
for Grammatical Judgement
or Use their
online scoring
Sensory Processing
Disorders Checklist
For parents and
professionals. Not meant
to replace a
full evaluation.
Life Skills Assessment
This is a very complete
assessment used by OTs to
determine what life skills  to
work on with special needs
students - good to know!
Social Communication
Skills: The Pragmatic
Includes age norms for
interpretation of results
CAS (chilhood apraxia)
Here are some signs and
symptoms that an
articulation issue might be
CAS, from ASHA
Bell Curve & Talking Pts
Free Online Screeners
from Carolyn Bowen's
website. Includes Debbie
Clinically Useful
, Aubrey Nunes'
Diagnostic Words, John
Perception Task
, Caroline
Quick Screener
and Quick Vowel Screener
Amy Meredith's
Characteristics Rating
, Thomas Powell and
Adele Miccio's
Stimulability Assessment,
and Robert Lowe's
Test of Phonology.
Visually Impaired
This is from the Oregon
Project, a skills checklist
for assessing visually
impaired/blind children
ages birth to 5.
Cognitive Summary Sheet
Free form for summarizing
evaluation results.
Shared with permission from
Behah Wilson Nice, SLP 4/12/19
Free assessment for
narrative skills: compreh,
retell, grammar, vocab,
phonemic awareness;
now has norms
Free online screening
for autism
Westby Symbolic
Playscale, rev 2000
Development levels of
pre-symbolic and
symbolic play skills, w
associated language
Sp/Lang Screening
Free screening for
ages 0-5, from
Shared with permission 8/1/19
Preschool Articulation/
Phonology Screener
Download from TpT.
Free at time of posting.
Eye Contact
Article w good normative
information about
"average" speakers.
Assessing Social-
Emotional Learning
From Edutopia, review of
the 3 basic methods to
assess SEL and how to
report progress.
Diadochokinetic Syllable
Rate Worksheet
Includes norms for ages
6 through 13.
Prosody Park
Digital informal assessment
of prosody skills (stress,
intonation, phrasing). Goes
with Tx activities.
Quick Aphasia Battery
Free multi-modality
commun. screening tasks
Play-Based Assmt.
for PreK assessments
Eval Form
Sample Eval Report
PLS-5 Validity
Study done after
complaints about test.
Tips for Faster Report
from, learn
how to create test templates
and great reports
Artic Screener
Free screening form and
pictures to sample sound
productions at word level.
No scores given.
Telepractice Assessmt
From ASHA, what you need
to know about doing
assessments online.
Autism Screener
Online checklist
Phonemic Awareness
Assess auditory skills 2nd
grade+ - NOT a reading/
writing assessment
P.A.S.S assessment
Rating scale assmt
of 4 social domains. Gives
scores. FREE