Milestones and Normative Info
From ASHA:
From LinguiSystems, this is a .pdf file
you can download and/or print out with
developmental milestones for ALL areas
of communication, including specific
language skills.
Includes norms for adults and children
for various voice parameters: fundamental
frequency, amptlitude, s/z ratio,
phonatory duration
Discusses the rate and patterns of "normal
dysfluencies" in children as well as rate for
spontaneous remission, vs. symptoms
of true stuttering
Age norms for Mean Length of Utterance,
as well as development of various
morphological structures.
Foreign Languages
Normative info about MLU, morphology,
and verb tense acquisition in Spanish
Narrative Development
1. Hedberg and Westby (1993)
Narrative stages
2. Free download for
Test of Narrative
Retell has developmental data Pk-3rd gr
Chapman's developmental stages
for questioning skills
Compiles the norms from several
From North Shore Pediatric Therapy.
No references given.
Ages at which 80-90 percent of typical
students have achieved particular
phonological skill.

Moats, L, & Tolman, C (2009)
The Standardized Visual
Communication and Sign Language
Checklist for Signing Children
from Project Muse, published by
Gallaudet Univ Pub.
Review in AJSLP by Sharynne McLeod
and Kathryn Crowe (2018)

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Milestones for hearing, speech,
language, and cognition for
ages birth to eight years old.
Hierarchy of soc/prag skills related to
executive function, from Washington
University, 2017.
Hierarchy chart of lang processing
skills, based on Gail Richard's
The Source for Processing Disorders
Free from TpT
Speech Motor Control
From Gaertner, 2008.
Synopsis of Blank's
developmental sequence for
questions, concrete to abstract.
Milestones and red flags for learning two
languages simultaneously. From
Hierarchy of Social/Pragmatic Skills as
Related to the Development of Executive
Function, created by Kimberly Peters,
Ph.D., Washington University
Adapted from P. McGhee, Pd.D.,
Understanding and Promoting
the Development of Children’s
Humor, Kendall/Hunt, 2002.
For ages 3-5+
Ages 1-6 yrs.