Verbal Expression Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Find dif btw 2 pics -
uses photos approp
for older students.
Animal avatar says  
what you say in
funny voice. FREE
Other animals avail.
Super Duper's fun  
deck of absurd pics.
3.99 - watch for a
sale in May!
Super Duper's fun
deck of How
questions to tell
task sequence. 3.99
Interactive rooms w/  
Multiple uses. 3.99
Entire series of these
Choice board to help
describe objects.
Works w/
EET program.
Ss create their own
stories by the choices
they make. 12 stories
possible. Retell 3-parts.
Vis support for story
telling, seq'g, soc
stories, etc. Add you
own info. 1.99
5 step drawings for 1
person to describe, &
others to draw from
description. 3rd gr+.
Pics of 2 common
objects for Ss to tell
what is same/dif about
them. 3.99 (watch for
sale in May!)
Find the diff in the 2
rooms pictured. Could
be turned into a verbal
game. Several levels.
Fun for littles, find
hidden objects in pics.
Can have Ss describe
the location. FREE
Lots of pics in this one!
No timer, so plenty of
time to describe which
one is "odd" and why.
Classic "Would You
Rather" game, with no
adult questions! Many
ads in free v., 2.99 w/o
Below you will find my apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require a
membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
21 task cards for
sequences of 3-5
with cute graphics
for kids.   $.99
Awesome Odd-One-
Out type of activity.
Great for describing
categories and
attributes.  FREE
SuperDuper's social
scenarios in 3 different
settings. Cheaper in a
bundle. (Sale in May?)
This early matching
game makes a great
describing activity.
What's Different?

This is a series of seasonal
activities created specifically to
elicit verbal descriptions.
Requires a "listening buddy"
Ages 4-5+
Inferencing w Riddles

Work on inferencing, answering
WH questions, and verbally
expressing the reason for their
answers. Ages 5-6
Same or Different?

This is a theme-based series of
same/dif activities designed
specifically to elicit verbal
descriptions. Requires a
"listening buddy". Ages 4-5+
5 modules addressing
different types of
humor in develop'l
order. Ss explain what
is funny. Ages 5+
Ss can describe
how they can tell
which is real/not
Ages 5-6+