Valentine's Day
Vocabulary exercise finding
words for each letter in FRIENDS

Source: unknown
Posted 2/21/08
Powerpoint about friendship
and   why we send valentines.

Posted 2/21/08
This is an interactive book
about   things Valerie loves.
Cards are
good for practicing sentence

Submitted by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 2/21/08
This is a list of links to other
sites  with miscellaneous
activities for most grade levels.
Book about a missing heart -
good for prepositions.

Submitted by Mallory Hart
Posted 2/4/09
This is a 12-step art project to go
with the story of the same name,
by author Sam McBratney.

Shared by  Bonnie Bear
Posted 2/15/10
This PowerPoint addresses the
different story elements for the
book "Valentine Mice" by
Bethany Roberts.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 3/15/10
This is the story of where
Valentines supposedly
originated. Geared toward
grades 1-3 for informational
writing unit.

CLICK HERE for Braidy lesson
plan to go with this ppt.

CLICK HERE for vocabulary
picture matchup.

CLICK HERE for vocabulary
word search

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 2/2/11
This 3x3 bingo game has
different colored hearts.

Submitted by Kelly Gibson Stuart
Posted 2/7/11
Turn a valentine into a guessing
game by describing yourself.

Submitted by Cathy Sewall
Posted 7/5/13
Powerpoint for counting, sung to
tune of "Three Little Indians". For
PK/Kdg and low incidence.

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 1/13/14
TinyTap app for
descriptive vocab  
and spatial
TinyTap app for
concept of same
or different in
various contexts.