Thanksgiving Activities
This interactive book is a
take -   off of the classic Old
Lady Who   Swallowed a Fly.
Great for vocabulary and
rhyming words.

Submitted by LeighBlackburn
Posted 11/1/07
This activity categorizes
vocab for Thanksgiving by
what kind of question they
answer: who, what,  where,
how. Good to help the
student  tell about their

Submitted by Cindy Beasley
Posted 11/1/07
This is a short PowerPoint
story about all the things Mr.
Turkey does  NOT want. Good
for  repetitive sentence
structures.  Print each screen
on cardstock for a book.

Submitted by Keeli Bowen
Posted 11/1/07
This is a PowerPoint story
for learning colors. Find the
correct color feather for  
the turkey's tail.  Makes a great
interactive book if  you print
out the pages.

Submitted by Cindy Beasley
Posted 11/1/07
Five different bingo boards
are included here, with
pictures for Thanksgiving

Submitted by Cindy Beasley
Posted 11/1/07
This is assorted activities for
vocabulary, comprehension,
and using
context clues
from the book of
the same name
by Eve  Bunting.
Best for 1-3 gr..

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/1/07
This comes from the DTLK
site.  It's an art project where  
the child  writes something
they are thankful for on each   
This is a printable sudoku with
pictures,  6X6. Extra pictures  
to cut out  and clue in place.
Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/7/07
This is a link to a site where
you can download a free
mini-book titled "Thanks for
Thanksgiving" for emergent
readers. Color or  B&W.
This is a link to a lesson
plan  from UC-Davis to go
with the book/movie
of the same name. It
consists of  four
45-minute  sessions
for grade 3, uses
Venn diagrams to
compare cultures
and book-to-movie.
This is a link to a lesson
about the history of pilgrims.
Printable worksheet. Good
reading  comprehension
activities, for grades 3-5
This website lists tons of
links with  other
Thanksgiving lessons.
This lesson traces the
pilgrims' first year in
America. Designed for
grades 1-4 ESL students.
Emphasizes reading
comprehension (answering
questions) and vocabulary.
This link is to a site with an
entire theme unit, including
logic puzzles, Readers'
Theater, reading compreh.
stories (gr. 1-7  English, gr.
1-6 Spanish). You need to be   
a member to access some of   
the activities, but many are
This is an interactive book
for prepositions, similar to
Where is Pumpkin?

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/10/07
Turkey Taco Unit
First, there is a cooking
project   on PowerPoint for
Terrific Turkey

Second, download a Word
file of
Turkey Taco Symbols
that go  with the cooking
project above.

Finally, a very short PPT
story about the turkey tacos   
"Just Right" - good
for minimally  verbal or
signing students.

By Cherly Apgar,
Adapted by Heather Byrge
Posted 9/19/08
Make yummy peanutbutter
treats that look like turkeys
in four easy steps. No
cooking needed.

Author: unknown
Posted 9/19/08
PreK/Kdg level booklet for
prepositions in, on, under,
and next to.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 2/20/09
This is a link to a
multimedia presentation
with different  points of
view of the first
Thanksgiving from
Europeans and Native

Posted 11/11/09
This is a 26-page activity pack
that is available from Teachers
Pay Teachers. It includes a
Braidy lesson for a setting
activity creating  a sensory  
star graph to describe the
setting for the Thanksgiving
Turk and Runt by Lisa
Wheeler. Also includes vocab
context clue cards, following
directions activity, mini-book,
sequencing cards, homework
ideas, and more! $5

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/8/15
Basic communication board to
help students express what
they did for Thanksgiving.

Created by Allison Soncrant
Posted 7/3/13
For PreK or low incidence, this
story is about all kinds of
families on Thanksgiving.

Created by Bonnie Bear
Posted 11/6/13
This is an interactive TinyTap
app for a
with pics
6X6. iOS or

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 11/8/15