Technology Questions
Q: How Do I Get My Keyboard to
Type Phonetic Symbols?
Type IPA phonetic symbols - online keyboard
You can select text and press Ctrl + C to copy it to
your docu¬ment. In your target document, press
Ctrl + V, or, if you want to paste the text without
formatting, try Ctrl + Shift + V.
Select and type IPA symbols (or other
languages) and then copy/paste them
into your documents.
Smart IPA Phonetic Keyboard
Quickly type phonetic characters, save as HTML
code to embed in a website, or as an MSWord
doc, or copy/paste into your document
Q: How Do I Get The Most Out
Of My IPad?
Using The Accessibility Features
Set up your iPad to use touch assist, switches,
text-to-voice, guided access (blocking), and more
Q: How Can I Download a Video
from YouTube?
(You are responsible for making sure you are not
infringing on protected rights!)
FREE - Go to this site, enter the URL for
the YouTube video you want, select which
format to save it in, and where to save it.
(Recommend MP4 format)
This tool is great for educators worried about what kind of
ad might pop up on a YouTube video played in class, or the
comments at the bottom. To generate a safe view, Martinez
says it’s as easy as copying the YouTube link into this
website. The site strips everything away and leaves just
the video. The site also has a share button, which allows
teachers to send colleagues the clean video. If teachers
have streaming problems in their schools, or filters that
block YouTube, they can download the video from and upload to Google Drive.
Q: What Does Google Have to
Offer for Our Students?
21 Chrome Extensions for Special Needs
Text to Speech, Readability
Reading Comprehension,
Focus, Navigation
Touch Accommodations in iOS9+
From the leading special ed center in Tel Aviv,
this will explain the new accessibility features
in iOS9+  for iPads/ iPhones.
Using Switches with iPads
Great tips from Israel's leading website for
technology for special needs people.
Free online lesson plan forms,
compatible with Google apps
A Simple Guide to Free Images, Copyright, and
Creative Commons for Students and Teachers

If you want to create your own materials to sell on
TpT, Pinterest, or the TinyTap marketplace, you
will need to make sure your images do not have
copyright/licensing restrictions. This infographic
has all you need to know in a nutshell.
Q: Where can I get free images
for my materials?
Free Tutorials From Richard Byrne
250 Google Tools for Teachers