Student Loan/Forgiveness Programs
Summary of information
about income-driven
repayment and loan
forgiveness programs
Facebook responses:
Facebook responses:
US Dept of Education site
for Federal Student Aid -
scholarships, loans,
repayment plans
Teacher cancellation low
income directory - look up
your school to see if it
Answers varied -
.5 years in a Title I school
(can be diffferent schools as
long as they were all Title I)
.after making 120 payments

(check the
site for clarifications!)

I will try to update this with
the appropriate info in the
near future!
Many people reported
having difficulty getting
them to accept Speech as a
"special ed" service, and
that it took mulitple tries
submitting their paperwork
before it was approved.
Don't give up! Apparently
your payments are
suspended during the
process, which will save
you money in the interim.
Q: Where can I find out
about loan forgiveness
Q: How can I find out if
my school is a Title I
(low income) school?
Q: How long must I
work before I can apply
for loan forgiveness?
Q: Do SLPs qualify for
loan forgiveness
Q: How long does the
process take?
Facebook responses:
Members of various speech
groups on FB reported that
it took them several months
and several submission.
Personal Plea/Editorial Comment
The one comment I read on social media over and over
again is how much people regret taking out those
student loans tied to "loan forgiveness" programs. Most
of them are riddled with loopholes and ambiguities that
allow the companies easy denial when you apply for the
loan forgiveness part of it. If you don't get approved for
loan forgiveness, it can take you your entire career to
pay them off, which can seriously impact your family's
future. I made it through 2 master's degrees and 1
specialist's degree without taking out a single student
loan. And no, I'm not rich. I worked full time and got my
degrees part-time, taking as many courses as I could
afford to pay for (usually one or two at a time). Did it
take longer? Yes. Was it worth the wait? Yes!!! Five or
six years from now you could be sitting there with a
degree and no debt, or sitting there with a degree and
debt up to your eyeballs. In five or six years, your
decision today will make a HUGE difference in your life.
In this age of instant gratification, be smart and don't
rush things. You'll thank me some day.