This is an interactive book for
Special Ed / Prek classes,
adapted from a story by
Roseanne Lanczak Williams.

Submitted by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 2/24/08
This is a powerpoint about  
spring,  sung to the tune of
"Frere Jacques".

Submitted by Allison Soncrant
Posted 2/24/08
This is a powerpoint about the
things we see, hear, smell, taste   
and feel in the springtime.

CLICK HERE for a worksheet
from speakingofspeech.com that
can be used with this ppt.

Created by Dannielle McClure &
        Kathy Ann Johnson
Posted 2/24/08
This is a categorization activity
for the springtime.

Created by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 2/24/08
Sentence pictures you can cut
out and make into sentences.

Source unknown
Posted 3/8/08
Read the sentence, then draw a
line to the picture/word that
completes it.

Source unknown
Posted 3/8/08
A story about springtime written
in words and symbols.

Source unknown
Posted 3/8/08
Cut and paste pictures to fill in
the blanks in this spring story.

Source unknown
Posted 3/8/08
Interactive book about things we
see in the springtime.

Created by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 3/8/08
This worksheet was created to
go  with
When Spring Comes by
Robert Maass (in paperback at
Borders). Circle all the spring
pictures and color them in.

Source unknown
Posted 3/8/08
This interactive book is a take
off on
The Very Hungry
by Eric Carle.

Created by Leigh Blackburn
Posted 3/8/08
This is a graphic organizer to
help students learn vocabulary.
Good to make a reference book
for the student. Great for ESOL

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 3/21/10
Easy 6-step cooking project, no
stove or microwave required.
Directions and photo sequence
cards  included.

Source unknown; photos by
Ellen  Weber; Posted. 3/26/10
The Black Rabbit
Fun story with sci
lesson about
shadows. Age 5+
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BeingA Bunny
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What's Different -
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Who's Your Mama?
Matching game w/
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Garden, Garden
Interactive intro to
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Age 3+