Social Skills/Pragmatics Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Select male/female
voice output for "My
Turn"/ "Your Turn".
Videos to teach
social skills needed
for  indepen. living.
Videos to teach
survival signs/words.
Videos to teach basic
signs and words for
Videos to teach
basic signs and
words for
From SuperDuper.
56 pics w/ prompts
to ask/answer
personal questions,
get to know
Aud/vis cues to learn
multi- exchange
convers. skill in a
variety of settings.
Up to 160 available.  
25+ modules, $.99 each.  Community signs,
responding skills, verbs, hygiene, shopping,
money, personal social skills, etc. Too many
to  list. Free podcasts avail for each one.
Click here and
search for "social skills".
The four free "samplers"
below are previews  from
this  series.
Totally awesome
app for nonverbal
comm. using  
audio/video clips
Visuals to help   
under- stand Easter
and going on an
egg hunt.
TinyTap app to
discover feelings
thru color/image/
TinyTap app for
TinyTap app for
learning to accept
losing a game.
TinyTap app for
learning to stop an
undesirable activity
when asked.
TinyTap app about
raising your hand
and waiting to
speak in class.
TinyTap app for
accepting you
cannot always be
first at everything.
Teach young/ low
functioning kids
how to calm down
and problem solve.
games for
pragmatic skills
Problem solving
series from Super
Duper for school,
home, community.