Help With Resumes
Resume Templates
Website to create a
professional resume online
for free, save as pdf or docx
file, embed on website,
print out, share online
From SLP Natalie Snyders,
here is info about her packet
of templates and samples.
Q: How Do I Create a
Professional Resume?
Q: What Should I
Responses from other SLPs on
Facebook say do NOT incude...
Q: What's the Difference
between a Resume &
Curriculum Vitae?
This link takes you to a sight
that explains the difference
and shows examples.
Facebook Responses
Comments from other SLP
groups ... CV usually used for
jobs in higher education like
university professor. Also
often needed to be a speaker
at speech conferences in
other countries.
... experience billing Medicaid
Responses from other SLPs on
Facebook say DO incude...
see the link for resume
templates from Natalie
Snyders for sample
Video Advice
Video from FastCompany:
Two Words to Leave Off
Your Resume