Questions Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
Most free apps are "lite" trial versions with limited features, and/or have ads.
From Super Duper.
WHO? is FREE in lite
version. Others  are
3.99 ea.
Just like the one
above, but w all
kinds of monsters.
Fun all year long.
Photo choices to
answer WH
questions.  FREE
Just like the old
CLUE game. Ss ask
questions to guess
the character. FREE
Uses Boardmkr pics
for a variety of  
quest- ans skills. Try
the Lite FREE
Clue game style, but
lots of character
boards.Use for
pron/categ'n FREE
Lots of short fiction
stories w multiple
choice questions,
etc. FREE
Super Duper's app
that tracks scores.
Good for inferenc'g.
$3.99, Sale in May.
6 different apps to
teach Ss to use key
words 2 understand/
answer WH-question
Game show format
for asking WH-
Intro to Who, What,
Where questions for
ages 2-3+, includes
fun videos.
Ss learn to
ask/answer WH
questions in a game
format. FREE
56 pics w audio track
for activities before,
during, after school.
Super Duper.  3.99.
Photo choices to
answer WH
questions.  FREE
80 who, what, where,
when quest w multi-
choice answ. Quest
model to imit.  FREE
Free sample of larger
program for asking &
answering Y/N & WH
quest. Ss ident parts of
sent that answer quest
Below you will find apps/digital activities available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and
some require a membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand apps.
See the TinyTap
marketplace for
lots more activities
for questions!
From SuperDuper.
56 pics w/ prompts
to ask/answer
personal questions.
3.99, look for May sale
Basic intro to
meaning of WHY
quest and how to
answer. Ages 3-4+
Intro to first quest
using lines from
familiar nursery
rhymes. Ages 2-3+
Inferencing w Riddles

Work on inferencing, answering
WH questions, and verbally
expressing the reason for their
answers. Ages 5-6