Highly Recommended
For SLPs
SLP Happy Hour
Tips for maintaining your
sanity in this job!
Swallow Your Pride
For SLPs dealing with
swallowing disorders
Strength in Words
All things related to infants,
toddlers, and new parents
The Speech Space
Tips & resources for busy SLP
in the school or private practice
Tips & tricks for low cost
True Confessions
Follow the true adventures of
2 SLPs who started a biz.
SLP Triva Fun
SLP game show hosted
by Erik X. Raj
PP Success Stories
Interviews w/ successful
private practioners
Xceptional Leaders
Interviews w/ successful
entrepreneurs in disabilities
Speech Science
Reviews of current news for
SLPs, literature, tools, etc.
SLP Jeff Stepen interviews
a variety of people
Talking With Tech
Get your AAC questions
answered, discuss topics
Down the Hatch
Lots of physiology of
Tons of topics, not just for
young children!
Teach Me To Talk
A variety of topics for
toddlers/PK by Laura Mize
Autism Science Fnd.
Weekly autism/science updates.
Tiffani K
Several episodes about
Variety of topics.  1 episode +
coursework = .1 ASHA CEU
Discussions with a variety of
professionals in the field.
Lexicon Valley
Podcast about all
things language related.
Full Pre-Frontal
Lots of goodies about
executive function
Speechie Side Up
Motivating episodes by
an AAC specialist.
Speech & Lang. Kids
Many topics - autism, voice,
literacy, and more
SLP Podcasters
Join this Facebook group for tips and
tricks getting started.
The Naked Vocalist
Lots of episode, all about voice.
Speech Uncensored
Tons of topics, including
transgender voice
Eat, Speak, Think
Swallowing, communication,
cognition for adolescents & up.
Educ. Podcast Netwrk
Motivation, strategies,
technology, leadership
Creative Classroom
Growth mindset, project-based
learning, creativity
Flipped Learning WW
Great tips to get you started
Voice of Literacy
Researchers discuss their
results and implications
Adventures in Brain Injury
Various speakers explore
topics in brain function
Every Classroom Matters
Award-winning podcast about
best teaching practices.
TED Talks Daily
Inspirational talks on every
topic you can imagine.
ABA Learning Lab
Lots of topics regarding
behavior, many for SLPs
Think UDL
Universal Design for Learning -
all classrooms fit all students
On Education
All the hot topics in education
ST Priv Pract Startup
All you need to know to start
your own private practice
ASHA Podcast Series
Hot topics & interviews with
professionals mkg an impact
School of Greatness
Manage burnout, create
successful habits, and more
Hidden Brain
Apple's 2018 most popular
motivational podcast
Oprah Winfrey
Super Soul Conversations
This is Your Life
Tips & motivation for those in
leadership positions
The Charged Life
Put a boost of energy and
motivation into your day!
Practical advice for bringing
more happiness to your life.
Tara Brach
Help to relax and cope with
bad situations (like your job)
Note: Most of these are free. Ones
offering ASHA CEUs usually are not.
The Minimalists
Motivation to rid your life of
negative influences
Being Boss
Inspiration and insight into
becoming your own boss.
Claim the Stage
Finding your voice and
speaking out!
Kwik Brain
Unleash your genius and
learn anything faster.
Life Hacks
Resources and shortcuts to
work smarter not harder
Ultimate Step-By-Step Guide
Free email course, everything you need
to know about starting a podcast.
2019 Best Podcast Hosts
Top 5 are free. Many have free trial
periods and lots of support.
2019 Best Pcast Equipment
List/review of equipment. For
beginners or pros!
Ultim Guide to Pcast Gear
For beginners, explains the types of
equipment needed for podcasting.