Parent/Teacher Resources
Summer Speech Handouts
(prices may change without notice)
Parent Resources
Many free handouts and resources
for parents, from developmental
milestones, to home activities,
to insurance info.
What An SLP Does
What's An SLP?
Free handout by Jenna Rayburn
Stuttering Resources
Tips for Parents of a Stutterer
Help Your Child Understand
Video Tips for Parents of a Stutterer
English               Spanish
What is a Speech-Language
Free handout from SuperDuper
Large selection of parent or
teacher handouts, many also
available in Spanish.
Language Development
at Home
From LD Online, this is a
parent-friendly list of
developmental milestones and
suggested activities.
Literacy/Narrative Skills
Toy Guides
Free box of safety materials and
equipment for students with autism
who wander - a gps type locator,
window/door alarms, etc.
Thumb Sucking & Pacifiers
Interesting article about what
thumb sucking and pacifiers do
to a child and why it is so hard
to break the habit.
We Are SLPs
Entertaining video about what
SLPs do, from the students at the
University of Toronto, 2016
Lots of resources for parents,
including simulations of disorders.
This website also can be viewed
in Spanish.
Toys R Us Gift Guide
for Differently-Abled Kids
Search the list by learning style
or area of need.
Free Literacy Handouts for Parents
from PrimaryPunch on TpT - a packet
of 25 different handouts
Bullying & Substance Abuse
Free booklet from
about the connection between
bullying and substance abuse
among students. Particularly
important for students with
special needs.
Online Tutoring
Everything parents might want to
know about finding online
tutoring for their child.
See more resources on the Autism Resources Page!
Business Ideas
This site has several resources
about business opportunities for  
people with disabilities.
Transitioning to
Managing Your Child's
Transition to Adulthood
Article from
How Disability-Friendly
is Your City?
A checklist for what to look for in
housing and employment
Planning a Trip to Disney
Tips for planning a trip to Disney
World/Land for children with
special needs.
Info for students, parents,
teachers from Maryville Univ.
Online Safety
from National Online Safety org.
From Speech Therapy Talk,
speech/lang home activities
using free stuff around the home
Disabled Road Safety Guide
For Drivers and Pedestrians
Smart Home Tech
Fully accessible guide for
the disabled and elderly,
Video models of
language-building strategies to
use at home, from Heather
Haywood. Shared w/ permission.
Books For Your Kids!
The Ables
A series of books about
Superheroes w/ Disabilities
50 Uplifting Stories
about kids w/ special needs
Hockey Game Sensory Bags
Nashville Predators make
sensory bags for kids with
special needs to enjoy the
games. Make your own!
The Dollywood theme park in
Pigeon Forge,TN has created a
calming room for children with
autism and sensory needs.
Georgia Symphony Orchestra
GSO has a sensory-friendly
performance every year.
S-F Activities in Georgia
Theaters, parks, restaurants,
and more all over the state.
FREE S-F Events in Marietta
Kids' events and workshops
for parents.
Beaches Resorts by Sandals
Autism certified
A Must-Read for Parents

Managing Medications
Tips and tricks for managing
medications for people with
Tech Solutions
for all kinds of disabilities,
from EduBirdie
IEP Binders
How to create and organize all
your child's IEP paperwork.
Keeping Kids Safe @ Home
Child safety tips from
Family Home Living
Why Children w ADHD
Hate Bedtime
Practical solutions from
ADDitude publications
Planning For The Future
Downloadable form from for planning future
care for your child.
Sensory Inclusive Family
Not specific to one state,
I Think My Preschooler is
Info from an SLP about what is
normal and what is not, what
can do at home.
75 Calm-Down Strategies
from Parents With Confidence
Designing a Play Space
for kids with autism or
sensory needs
Adaptive Gaming Equipment
25 Speech/Lang Strategies
Handout with ideas for
stimulating sp/lang development
in your kids at home
Hard Days Out Made Easy
Parent support Facebook group.
Lots of great ideas for you!
Best Internet Privacy
Guide 2020
Includes excellent explanation of
the types of cyberbullying and what
to do about it.
What To Do When Schools
"Don't Do That" on IEPs
If your child needs a service/
model and the school says it
is not possible.  
Medical vs. School Handout
This parent handout explains the
legal constraints of school
services quite well.
Studying/Memory Tips
Studying Techniques
Article from Edutopia about
research into effective studying
Complete 2020 Cyberbullying
from CenteredRecoveryPrograms
Emergency Profile
download this page for your child
to use in case of emergency.
Five Moore Minutes
Really useful YouTube videos on
things like using visual schedules,
using first/then, etc. Great for
parents and professionals.
Social Story Video: Going to
a Restaurant
Shows great visuals/reward chart,
and how to use it. Can be
ESY Explained
Explains the criteria and procedure
for determining if a child will
receive Extended School Year
services. By Diana Caplan, 2007
Looney Tunes
Staff development presentation
about what a speech/language
disorder is. By Vicky Carter, 2007