Story generator
using  WH quest or
parts of  speech. Can
be used w Braidy .99
Narratives/Story Creation Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Create stories using
MadLib- style entries.
Lots of fun! FREE
Cute interactive
scenes at night, no
words. Make up your
own story.  $2.99
Record and animate
your own stories.
Many characters and
scenes FREE/$4.99
You can also use stories
from the
Free Stories page
Create interactive
books w/ your photos,
audio recordings,
See report ***
Create stories with
your photos/videos.
FREE demo or $1.99
See report ***
Import photos and
record voice. Good
for story retells. 3.99.
See report***
Import photos, make
interactive, record
voice, + text,
See report***
Interactive rooms/yard
with many characters/
objects. Create story to
retell. $3.99, or two
rooms FREE.
Similar to My Play
Home but better!.
Use for lots of TX
activities.    $2.99
App to make your
own mini-apps,
including creating/
narrat'g stories. FREE
Story video, story
elements, seq events,
moral of story. Pair w
cooking project!
Vocab, video, story
elem, seq'g, sent
constr'n, & extension
projects for this story
of dealing with failure.
Video, story elem,
seq'g, sent constr'n,
If You Take a
MouseTo School.
Story video, story elem,
seq'g, sentence const'n,
memory game. Pairs
well with cooking proj.
Spinner to change
story events - never
the same story!
Story elements, seq
events, vocab intro,
extension projects for
this story about
bullying. Includes video.
Using context clues
to determine feelings
of characters in the
story. Includes video.
Video, story elem, seq
events, id complication,
vocab game, extension
projects for this Tomie
dePaolo story.
Story elements, seq
events, moral/lesson,
includes extension
Story elements, seq
events, identify moral
of story.
Narrative Skills
Story Creation Apps
All vocab! Using
context clues to
determine word
Below you will find apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require a
membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
Video link, vocab
intro, story elem,
seq'g, sent constr'n,
xwd puzzle, projects.
Ss choose their story
elements, then retell.
12 dif stories poss.
Ages 4-5+
One of 5 companion
activities for this
book - story elem,
seq'g, conn'g words
Video, story elem,
seq'g, sent constr'n,
matching game,
extension projects.
This one covers the
story elements, and
sequencing events in
the story.
Interactive stories
from many different
authors. Some free,
some not.
Vis support for story
telling, seq'g, soc
stories, etc. Add your
own info. 1.99
Classic story with
option to seq the pics
and record a retell.
Loaded w rhyming
wds.  FREE
From SuperDuper, this
lite vers is FREE to
make a 3-pg story. Full
version $4.99