Literacy Skills Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and are subject to change without notice)
From Super Duper,
tracks perform
data.  $3.99. Watch
for sale in May.
Use Garfield comics
to provide lesson on
fact vs. opinion. Good
for whole class.
315 Dolch wd
flashcards and
games. FREE
Rhyming, blending,
segmenting, sight
wds, and more. $.99.
Totally worth it.
131 homophones in
fill-in-the blank sent,
optional  pic/ audio.
$2.99 / free LITE trial
From SuperDuper,
tracks perform data.
$3.99. Watch for
sale in May.
Super Duper's app
that tracks data. Good
for infer'g. $3.99,
check for May sale!
Using riddles to
develop inferencing
skills, answer
WHERE questions.
75 beg sight words,
12 word families for
early rdg/writing
skills.   FREE
See also the
Narrative Skills Apps pg
See also the
Free Story Apps pg
Choose which words
to use in any of 6
games, or add your
own. FREE.
Vocab for older Ss.
Ss listen to/blend
sounds together to
make words.
Ages 4-5  $.99
Pre-reading concepts
for ages 4-5. Part of
the TinyTap curric.
6 modules.
Pre-reading concepts
for ages 5-6. Part of
the TinyTap curric.
5 modules.
Using riddles to
skills, answer
WHAT questions.
Intro to syllabific'n,
clapping to 1-, 2-,
and 3- syl wds.
Ages 4-5
Ss put 2 and 3
syllables together
to make multisyl
words. Ages 4-5
4 modules that cover
the 100 most import
first rdg words. Read/
find in sentence.
Ages 5-6+
Great for older Ss/
adults. Synonym clue
given to spell pair of
rhyming words. Many
words in FREE vers.
Below you will find apps available in the TinyTap marketplace. Some are free, and some require a
membership, which is a few $$/mo for unlimited access to over 150 thousand digital activities.
See the TT marktplc
for lots more
activities. Just
search by topic.
Classic story with
option to seq the pics
and record a retell.
Loaded w rhyming
wds/vocab.  FREE
4 games to match
up rhyming words.
Lots in this FREE
version. Full v $1.99
6 games to identify
beg/mid/end sounds
in wds. Lots in this
FREE lite version.
Deluxe vers. is $.99
for beginning snds
in words, critical pre-
reading skill.  FREE
Memory game
matching parts to
make up a compnd
word. 3 levels, for
readers.   $.99
Intro to real vs.
imaginary and fact
vs. fiction.
Ages 4-5+
Using context clues
to determine feelings
of characters in the
story. Includes video.
All vocab! Using
context clues to
determine word