Is that legal?
Here's our legal beagel with some answers!
The definitive source on every legal issue
surrounding special education. This is the place
to find out exactly what the intent was in
IDEA legislation.
                                                    How it all works...

Federal law (IDEA) provides guidelines that are interpreted differently by each state. Furthermore, each
state's guidelines are interpreted by each district. What seems to be set in stone is often arbitrary and
for a great part defined by financial status of the various school districts. For example, sadly it is
money that ultimately decides where a district will draw the "cut-offs" for qualifying or not qualifying for
services. When viewing resources from other school districts, please keep this in mind. Just because
one district does something one way, does not mean it will work in your district.
Accommodations vs. Modifications
vs. Interventions
This handout explains the difference
between the three
IDEA vs. ADA vs. section 504
This handout explains the difference in easy to
understand language. Great for parents, gen ed
teachers, school admins.
(note: this is one very long page so you might
want to copy/paste it in sections)
Being a Witness in Court
If you are ever called to testify in a hearing, here
are some tips from school district attorneys
Testifying in a Due
Process Hearing
Been there, done that. Here are my
personal tips for nailing it.
Apply to Schools
Info from the Dept of Educ.
ESSA White Paper
Explanation of the new ESSA,
which replaces NCLB
2018 Tax Reform
As of Dec 2017, the tax reform bill has
passed the House. It will have major impact
on those of you with a private practice - no
more business deductions in a nutshell.
Note this info was shared from a friend who
understands tax laws, which I do not.
Prompts vs. Cues
This blog explains the difference, and had a link
to a free chart for the hierarchy of prompt levels.
Definition of "Educational Impact"
Guidance from OSEP Director Alexa Posny
Impact of 2018 Tax Reform
on Teachers
Video & article from Mychal Eagelson
Teacher Finance, Jan 2018
Schools on Strike
Info from ASHA about SLPs' responsibility