New to the field? Need a change?
Looking for summer work?
Don't know what to do after retirement?
Summer Jobs for Teachers
Here is a list of companies
that typically will hire teachers
over the summer.
Comparison of states
for teachers' pay and cost of living
Note: Many states pay SLPs on the same salary
schedule as teachers. Even the ones who give an
extra stipend start out at the teachers' rate as a
base to determine your pay!
Preparing for an Interview
From the Speech Room News blog, a list of
frequently asked questions,
and things YOU should ask.
Resume Templates and Examples
from Natalie Snyders
Create Your Resume Online for Free
from (highly recommended)
Interviewing for a Job
Gerry Brooke's hysterical hints for your interviews
(because you can use a good laugh!)
What Setting Should I Work In?
Here is a decision-making chart to
help you decide your best fit.
See Resume Page for more info!