Digital Resources
Available from TinyTap
             There are over 100 thousand  
             digital activities that can be
             downloaded from TinyTap onto
your iOS or Android tablet (you need to
have the free TinyTap app installed to
access them), or run them from their
website on your laptop. When you enter
their "marketplace", search for the topic,
title, author, or "intervention".  Their
Insights data mgt service allows you to
track students' progress.
Little Writer
This app is one of the few that gives
kids practice copying upper/lower case
letters, numbers, shapes, & words.
Can add your own words like child's
name. Fun to do. Does not keep data.
FREE at time of posting.

                 Intervention goals:
              letter/number formation
Response to Intervention
       Intervention Central
             Awesome site for intervention  
             resources, for academic and
behavioral issues. Includes
video tutorials
to share with teachers about how to collect
intervention data!
Easy to understand, basic explanation of
what the intervention process entails.
Free Resources
East Hartford Public Schools
This .pdf is loaded with suggested
classroom sp/lang interventions (mostly
Tiers 2 & 3) for teachers to use before
referring for a speech/language eval.
  3 Tier Intervention Matrix
This .pdf matrix covers all three tiers, grades
PK-8, intensity of regimen, and who should
be the one to implement and record data.
Mostly language/ literacy skills, some artic.
Sources cited
      Classroom Strategies
Originally from Cobb County Schools, GA,
these are printable lists of possible
speech/language strategies for the
classroom teacher to try.
Tier 1 Strategies (general)
Tier 1 Sp/Lang Strategies
Tier 2 Articulation Strategies
Tier 2 Fluency Strategies
Tier 2 Language Strategies
Tier 2 Vocal Hygiene Strategies
                Helpful Forms
To make sure the teacher is looking at the
whole student with their referral, and to
pinpoint the type of intervention to
... Skills Inventory
see also Sp/Lang Checklists by grade

Generic blank form for teacher to use to
record their data for the RTI team ...
Strategy Documentation Form
      SuperDuper Apps
More and more of SuperDuper's
computer software programs are being
turned into apps for mobile devices.
Check them out. They are not free, but
do track scores that will save teachers
Not a lot of info specifically for sp/lang, but
they do have lots of charts/graphs and other
tools you might be able to use!
Support Sites
         RTI Hurts Students
             with Dyslexia
In a progress report funded by the Dept. of
Education from the Institute of Education
Sciences (IES), there’s a big problem…it
doesn’t work. (2016)
Recent Research!
Strategies for Students w
Slow Processing Speeds
Recommended accommodations from
Understood.org - can be used for RTI
interventions as well!
Link to the interventions page from the
Georgia Organization of School
Speech-Language Pathologists