Roll the dice to win a piece
to  create Mr. Pumpkin
Head. Can be used for
step-  by-step art project,
following directions,
learning body parts, and
many more skils.

Retrieved 9/18/07 from
Step-by-step art project,
followed   up with a
procedural writing activity.
The  kids loved it! Takes  
about an hour for  the two
activities together. This is
meant    as practice doing
writing, not as an

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/22/07
Guessing game with
Halloween pictures. Good for
multiple activities or grade

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/22/07
32 flashcards to print out
showing Halloween
characters in
different places /
phrases. Cards can be
enlarged   to 4 per page.

Retrieved 9/25/07 from:
16 cards with different
ghosts to   show 10 feelings
and 6 misc describing words.

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 9/23/07
Graphic organizer for
categorizing. Can be used to
make personalized book to
help students talk about
their Halloween.

Submitted by Leigh
Posted 9/18/07
Interactive book about
common   things we see at
Halloween.  Good for
sentence structure
and describing words.

Submitted by Leigh
Posted 9/18/07
Halloween Activities
Where is the Pumpkin?
These are two
PowerPoints   that can be
printed out as
books. One has the
pumpkin in the location
(click here), and the other
one is blank for the
students to place the
pumpkins in the correct
(click here).

Submitted by Claire James
Posted 10/7/07
Based on the book by Dav
Pilkey, here are two
language activites:
Comparatives and

Submitted by Valerie
Posted 10/7/07
Bats at the Beach
This unit was designed for
Middle School MI/MO
classes, based on model by
Magic of Stories. It has
lesson plan  suggestions,
vocabulary  matching
here) and a PowerPoint with
instructions for  making
(click here).  The
entire lesson takes about
90 min.

Submitted by Heather Byrge
Posted 10/18/07
This unit includes Bat Bingo
for  color recognition,
instructions for  making a bat
pinata, two art  projects, and
a  coloring page.

Created by Jennifer Stuart
Posted 10/22/07
Graphic organizer for
categorizing Halloween
words by  beginning letter.

Submitted by Jennifer Stuart
Posted 10/22/07
Created to use with Jennifer
Stuarts' Alphabet Search.
These   are cute pictures of  
things commonly seen
around Halloween which can
be used  for multiple

Submitted by Ellen Weber
Posted 10/22/07
These are the visual
directions for a cute
Halloween cooking project.
Its has been used with
MS/HS special ed classes.

Submitted by Adina
Posted 10/25/07
This is a website where you
and   the kids can carve
your   own jack-o-lantern
face. Click  "done"   and it
lights up. You
can print it.

Posted 10/30/07
This is a fun PowerPoint of
jokes, riddles and songs
for   Halloween.

Contributed by Fair Oaks
         2nd Grade Team
Posted 2/24/08
Visuals for the steps in
carving a jack-o-lantern.

Submitted by Jessica Sims
Posted 2/5/09
Powerpoint of various
animals in cute Halloween
scenes. Could use to build
vocabulary or practice
sentence construction. This
is a large file - be patient!

Created by Wesley Panky,
               ESOL teacher
Posted 11/7/09
This powerpoint is TOO
CUTE! Great for early vocab
-  action words, animal

Created by Wesley Pankey
Posted 1/4/10
This is a PowerPoint for
spatial relations.

By Allison Soncrant
Posted 11/2/10
TinyTap app
for Same and