Interviewing For A Job?
Comparison of states
for teachers' pay and cost of living
Note: Many states pay school SLPs on
the same salary schedule as teachers.
Even the ones who give an extra stipend
start out at the teachers' rate as a base
to determine your pay!
Preparing for an Interview
From the Speech Room News blog,
a list of frequently asked questions,
and things YOU should ask.
Note: These are questions that a speech
dept or special ed dept head might ask.
An interview with a "general"
administrator, such as school
prinicipal, will be much different if they
do not have a spec ed background!
Resume Resources
Templates and examples
from Natalie Snyders
Create Your Resume Online
for Free
from (highly recommended)
Interviewing for a School Job
Gerry Brooke's hysterical hints for
your interviews (because you can
use a good laugh!)
Student Loans/Forgiveness
What are they? Who qualifies?
How do you apply? What kind
of scams to be aware of
Grad School Loans/Aid
Scholarship Search
Everything you ever wanted to
know about searching for a
Just for Grad Students!
The Inside Scoop on Grad
School Applications
Improve your odds of being accepted
with these inside tips from ASHA
Leader, Nov 2018
Do's and Don'ts of Interviewing
for a School Position
From prinicipal and comedian, Gerry
Brooks, these really are some of the
general type questions you will hear
in an interview with a school admin.
Praxis Study Guides
Study guides and practice
tests from ETS.
State Requirements
Listing from ASHA of which
states require which licenses
or certifications.
Scholarships for Girls/Women
The ultimate list, 2019
11 Things You'll Be Asked
At A Teaching Interview
From Edutopia, the most common
interview questions. MOST of them
apply to SLPs working in the schools!
Salary Info
National Payscale Averages
Just enter geographic area, type of
job/setting, level of your education,
years of experience.