Stuttering video by kids
for kids on YouTube
Real Time Analysis of
-Yaruss, 1998
Alternative way to assess
stuttering without doing a
Research (causes)
Histamines as Possible
Cause for Stuttering
Lots of materials for
assessment, treatment,
goals,  parents,
students, SLPs
Color Me Fluent
Fluency program for
children from SuperDuper,
works on the whole child,
created by a stutterer/SLP.
Fluency Tracker
For use at home or
class to track # of
dys-fluencies, avoid.
behaviors, feelings
Fluency Rater
Let's you keep
fluency data on up
to 10 students. Will
do the math for you!
Easy Speaking Voice - Intro
TinyTap app to
learn to self-
monitor correct
use of ESV.
Pro Metronome
Customizable metro-
nome with multi-
sensory display.
Hear your voice
delayed. Try it for
Speech Jammer
Tuner & Metronome
Combines a pitch
detector with a
metronome. Very
National Stuttering
offers annual conferences
and tons of resources
Stuttering Foundation
of America
great handouts for parents
and teachers (many free),
stories about celebs who
stutter, & more
American Institute
for Stuttering
This is not a free service,
but they provide online
therapy for all ages
Childhood Fluency
Disorders - all you would
want to know, including
CPT codes!
Differential Diagnosis
ASHA's recommendations
and resources: cluttering,  
bilingual issues, normal
Fluency Severity Rating
Scale, (Ryan 1974)
Rating scale 1-5 for three
different parameters
Stuttering Center of
Western Pennsylvania
Lots of forms, insurance
codes, publications. Also
sections of great materials
for kids and teens, including
books, videos, projects
Cluttering Resources
Tons of info re: assessmt,
treatment, and more
A-19 Survey of Attitudes
Form       Directions
Designed for young elem
students. Good to document
educational impact.
Dysfluency Count Sheet
Keep a tally of different
types of stuttering events
from your speech sample
Stuttering Rating Scale
For ages 3-21 special needs
students. Uses a matrix and
weighted scores to report
stuttering severity based on
both standard assessments
and observations.
Is Teletherapy
or blended service delivery
effective for treating
stuttering in children (2014)
Journal of Fluency
Open Access articles!
Stuttering and Social
Implications for therapy!
Integrated assessment and
therapy approach
Desensitization and
Cognitive Restructuring
Enhancing treatment for
school-aged children (2007)
Language Development
and Stuttering
Phonology & Stuttering
Is the development of
phonological skills related
to stuttering in PreK
children? (2003)
Neurological Differences
between people who
stutter and those who do
not stutter (2002)
Stuttering and Bullying
discussion of several well-
documented strategies
My Stutter
Collection of inspirational
videos by stutterers for
children who stutter
SFA Collection
videos for parents,
teachers, kids, SLPs.
Many available in Spanish
ASHA's EBP Review
Gives lists of treatment
Altered Auditory
Research (therapy)
            Altered auditory
                    feedback device.
                    Adjust delay/pitch.
Collection of Strategies
Misc. strategies with
Video About Stuttering
by kids, for kids. This is a
YouTube video. Be aware
that some schools still
block YouTube. If you need
to download it, see my
Technology Questions
page, and review the terms
of use on YouTube.
Blood Flow Possible
Cause of Stuttering
Article from
HindustanTimes about
current research (2017)
Eleven Lectures
from Sydney, AUS, dept of
education, this .pdf contains
info on research regarding
11 different therapy
approaches (2017)
Reading Tests - DIBELS
Refer teachers to page 48
of the DIBELS manual that
expressively says not to
use this test with students
diagnosed with a fluency
Prosody Park
4-part program for
informal assessmt,
stress, intonation, &
Parent Support
From Stuttering Therapy
Resources, info about
early stuttering