Dyslexia Resources
Thousands of audio
books for people with
print disabilities
Dyslexia Fonts
Discussion of several
fonts designed
specifically for dyslexic
readers, research results
Treatment Resources
Dyslexia Groups
Top tips and lesson
resources to help
dyslexic pupils flourish
in the classroom
General Info
Stay current on dyslexia
Science Daily
The use of Atomoxetine
shows improvement in
reading and phonological
processing for dyslexics
ASHA Scope of Practice
Yes, dyslexia is within
an SLP's scope!
Assessing Dyslexia
from Web MD
What should be included
in a
Dyslexia eval,
from IDA
Dyslexia Test
Online questionnaire by
Nessy.com for parents (or
teachers), takes a couple
minutes, gives score &
recommends if full
eval might be needed,
can print results
7 Signs of Dyslexia
printable .pdf to use as a
parent handout or for
your own reference
Indicators of Dyslexia
printable .pdf checklist
for dif grade levels:
k-2 gr, 3-8 gr
Unpaking Dyslexia
Handout from SuperDuper
explaining what it is and
SLP's role.
iPad apps
for Learners with
Great chart that shows
the different areas
impacted by dyslexia and
the symptoms
Video for parents/kids
explaining the dyslexic
brain. Narrated in Eng,
w Span subtitles.
Maryville U. Resources
for Dyslexic Students
Tips for students on how
to study smarter not