Bilingual                                Resources
Best Practices
The recommendations in this guide were
largely adapted from Critical Practices for
Anti-bias Education, a professional
development publication from Teaching
Tolerance. The guide also leans heavily on
tasks and strategies found on this site and on
material developed by their legal colleagues at
the Southern Poverty Law Center.
ASHA Practice Portal
Resources for key issues concerning
bilingual service delivery:
ethical considerations, 2nd language
acquisition, difference vs. disorder,
common core state std & accommodations,
state/federal legistion, and more!
Neuroscience News
Latest research about how children
learn two languages - not how you
probably would have thought!
Audiogram del Habla
The speech banana infographic for
speech sounds in Spanish
SuperDuper Handouts
Many free handouts available, including:
Mainstreaming ELLs into Regular Class
Teaching L2 Students in Mainstream
Common Artic Variations Eng/Span
Commun Differences w Asian-Americans
Multicultural Lang Based Activities
Assessment of ELLs, and more!
Spanish Norms
From, this site provides
norm charts for sound development, word
length, and phonological processes in
Spanish, and description of significant
differences from English.
WIDA international Consortium
Based at the University of Wisconsin, WIDA
has the research and resources to answer
your questions about working with English
language learners. If they don't have it, it
probably doesn't exist! They are the
organization that provides the ACCESS
testing for students to determine level of
English proficiency, as well as setting the
"Can Do" standards for instruction.
Referral Forms/Info
This link takes you to a list of forms used
by Cobb County Schools when considering
referring for a bilingual speech/lang eval
Speech Accent Archive
Native phonetic inventory for most