Bilingual                                Resources
Best Practices
The recommendations in
this guide were largely
adapted from Critical
Practices for Anti-bias
Education, a professional
development publication
from Teaching Tolerance.
ASHA Practice Portal
Resources for key issues
concerning bilingual
service delivery
Neuroscience News
Latest research about
how children learn two
Audiogram del Habla
The speech banana
infographic for
speech sounds in
SuperDuper Handouts
Many free handouts
Spanish Norms
this site provides norm
charts for sound
development, word
length, and phonological
processes in Spanish,
and description of
significant differences
from English.
WIDA international
Based at the University of
Wisconsin, WIDA has the
research and resources
to answer your questions
about working with
English language
learners. If
they don't have it, it
probably doesn't exist!
They are the organization
that provides the ACCESS
testing for students to
determine level of English
proficiency, as well as
setting the "Can Do"
standards for instruction.
Speech Accent
Native phonetic inventory
for most languages.
Effects of Limited
Eng on Education
This handout explains
Acculturation for parents
and teachers
Language Survey for
Culturally Diverse Ss
To be completed by SLP
or teacher, this form
gathers info to judge
relative strengths of both
languages for students.
Bilingual Eval Report
Example of a bilingual
speech/lang evaluation
report. Typable and
editable. Note: tests
included are not current!
This is an example only.
Bilingual Language
Milestones and red flags for
learning two languages
simultaneously. From
Referral forms/info
Language Inventory
for Native Language
Parent checklist about
native language skills.
Red Flags Matrix
After gathering all your
background info, plug it
into this matrix to help
determine if the issue is a
possible language
disorder or a
language difference.
(not intended for PreK)
Rubric for classroom
teacher to complete
regarding S's language
proficiency in class.
Spanish Case Hx
case history form in
Spanish, with English
Spanish Artic Screener
Taken from the PLS, this
needs to be
administered by
someone who speaks
This handout explains
the different proficiency
levels that are reported
for listening, speaking,
reading, and writing
English. Looking at
growth over time can
help identify Ss w a
language disorder.
There is a lot of information
that needs to be gathered
before you refer a student
for a bilingual
evaluation! Some of these    
forms might help. They are
NOT an assessment!
Supporting Multi-
Lingual Students in
the Classroom
5 Tips for teachers from
What Research Says
Paper from the National
Institutes of Health