Autism Resources
April is Autism Awareness
Month. Check with your
favorite autism app
companies for big sales!
Click the link above for more
info on the event.
Website by a dedicated
mom with lots of ideas
and materials for parents,
teachers, and children
with autism.
Videos for Kids
from BlueBee
Plush animal friends that
connect with your apps
via bluetooth. The mouths
of these stuffed animals
move in sync with both
Apple and Android
General Info
For Kids/Parents
For SLPs
Talking points, suggested
activities, lesson plans for
an inclusive classroom.
(See also our page for
Parent/Teacher Resources
for videos)
Resource for lessons,
interventions, and lots of
freebies for teachers
Article from Edutopia
listing several great apps
Gives general info about
using visual strategies
with autistic students,
how/why it works, and
had some free picture
cards to download for
feelings and behaviors.
This links to our page for
social scripts, including
links to other
sites with stories to
download, and a link to
video models.
This site has info about
autism that is geared for
children to understand
the disorder. Great
to share with teacher who
have your autistic
students in their general
ed classrooms for
Collection of the best free
autism apps in one place.
Free resources from
Autism Teaching
Tips for New Teachers/
SLPs for working with
autistic students.
Free course from on how
to write a social story
From Lifeboks, this free
kit (just pay shipping) is
for students who wander.
It includes a gps-like
tracker, window/door
alarms, and much more.
This TpT site has a list of
apps for Ss w autism,
including many DTT.
Apps are organized by
domain. Free
(not responsible if seller
changes the price!)
Great for parents or
teachers, this resource
has videos, daily routine
cards, storybook, & more.
Excellent video and
explanation from the
National Autistic Society
about sensory overload,
along with tips for how to
take your child shopping.
Excellent info from Just
Great Lawyers about  
estate planning for
children with autism.
Operation Autism
provides a resource guide
for military families, with
lots of info about
healthcare, moving tips,
and other topics.
This guide for parents
covers tips for moving
with children who have
wheelchairs, sensory and
emotional disorders,
autism, and more.
Includes info on finding
new doctors and schools.
Temple Grandin shares 28
things that her teachers
did that helped her learn
and be successful despite
having autism.
Tons of info on this site.
Also has free printables,
like cookingpictures,
first/then cards, etc.
Submitted by
Allison Soncrant
Posted 12/14/14
com connects parents who
have kids with special
needs to respite care givers.
Free booklet from about
the connection between
bullying and substance
abuse among students.
This site has several
resources about
business opportunities
for  people with
Article from Autistic Not
Weird about how to deal
with your own family not
accepting an
Must-read article about
the link between
increased use of
electronic devices and the
rising number of children
diagnosed with "autism",
from Marilyn Wedge, PhD,
Pdf document explaining
that the autism spectrum is
not a linear concept.
Episode of Dr.Phil with only
facial expressions. To find
more, search YouTube for
TV shows with "no dialogue,
just reactions".
Overview of National
Devleopmental Center
ASD 2014 report of EBP
A fully accessible guide
to help you navigate the
airports, with tips and
tricks to make flying with
a disability an easier,
more enjoyable process.
Anova's sensory-friendly
kits, available in some CA
restaurants, but contact
them for a free kit - social
stories, mood charts, etc.
This list of 21 songs
have been reported by
people with ASD to help
them cope with their
sensitivity to sensory
Free online autism
The other side of the
argument, as seen by an
autistic person.
Vacation Resorts
This article explains what
is meant by the
"spectrum". It's not what
you think!
American Airlines has
started trial airline flights
for people on the
spectrum to practice the
experience of flying.
ABA or Abuse?
Well-researched article
from Cogent Psychology,
2019, about how much
ABA is too much.
(See Parent Resource pg)
Info about AAC and
other technologies for
treating Ss w autism
25 Best colleges for
Students w autism
in 2020
Animated film from the
National Austistic Society
to promote awareness
and understanding.
Top 10 gift
recommendations from
The Autism Page
A general home safety
guide for parents from
Family Home Living
Advise on when and
how to tell them.
Assistive tech, digital
aids, tech for treatment.
Don't brush aside these
signs there is a problem.
Helpful tips to
understand, avoid, and
de-escalate those
Free printable visuals to
explain wearing a mask in
public (COVID-19)
Free social stories, task
sequences, and lots more.
Digital resources from
Autism Parenting
Updated info from
Autism Speaks, Aug 2020
Autism Screener
Online checklist
Lots of free info about
the link and resources
for treatment.
For AU students.
This describes the
different support
levels, not the person!
From Indiana University,
things you need to consider
before targeting eye contact
with your AU students.