Lots of categories -
food, zoo, actions,
feelings, etc. Free to
Autism/Behavior Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Access top headline
stories in Autism. $.99
Gather behavioral
observa-   tion data via
timer, counter, scales,
or checklist. Mite be
good for RTI.   FREE .
Discreet trial training
of  39 beginning sight
words.More available
for $1.99
Give vis prompts,
create vis schedule,
countdown timer,
1st-Then. Can add own
pics in iOS4.2+. FREE.
Tons of games for
$.99 each: What
Rhymes?, Which Go
Together?, etc. Click
here, then search
app store for "ABA".
The latest autism
developments as
enewsletter, by state.
4 sets avail, $4.99 ea.   
Communicat'n, Life
Skills, Socializat'n, &
Coping. 3rd gr-MS.
Misc. language
Free. Vocab,
analogies, WH?
, etc.
Search iTunes.
Designed by parent of
autistic child. Visual
schedule for daily
activ. $4.99
Part of the NIKI
, this is an
interactive clock &
calendar. Very cool.
By Linguisystems,
Buddy Bear stories   
for all kinds of  
skills. Search  
iTunes for "Autism
and PDD", Lite=Free
Six games to ID
feelings & tell why
$1.99 or free
version available
with limited items.
Practice for autistic
kids to find the
person in each pic,
many different
settings.  FREE
Visual stop light w/
timer to count down
for task completion
and break time for
bhvr. mgt. FREE
Funny FREE game to  
work on attending to  
people's eyes. Find
who "passed wind".
Problem solving
series from Super
Duper for school, and
home situations. $2.99
Calming and relaxing
visual app for spec.
needs kids. Other
shapes avail. FREE
This app lists all the
other aut. apps that
are available, by
category. Also it's
searchable. FREE
scenarios to
work on slang
expressions, body
language, tone of
voice.  15.99