Articles Worth Reading
Hot Topics Impacting Education
Summary of the existing research
from cognitive science related to
how students learn, and connect
this research to its practical
implications for teaching and
learning. (2015)
From Postive Parenting, these
suggestions could be useful in
the classroom, or a godsend
for parents. (2016)
From the leading special ed
center in Tel Aviv, this will
explain the new accessibility
features in iOS9+  for iPads/
iPhones. (2016)
Discusses the neuroscience
of creativity, from the 1960's
to today. Many long-held
myths are also addressed.
From the The Australian  
Society for Evidence-Based
Teaching. "Evidence" shows
whole language approach is
not effective. (2016)
Neuroscientists create an
"atlas" of how words are
organized in the brain - not
how you would think! (2016)
Video: Yale neurobiologist is
experimenting with exercises
to make the brain function
better. Initial results are
encouraging. (2016)
From Indiana University,
things you need to consider
before targeting eye contact
with your AU students. (2016)
Article from Edutopia with all
the latest developments in
brain-based learning. (2016)
In a just-released progress
report funded by the
Department of Education from
the Institute of Education
Sciences (IES), there’s a big
problem…it doesn’t work.
Awesome video from a
behaviorist about why we
should not be teaching "more"
vocab/sign as first words.
Article from Educause discussing
the recent research showing that
the brain processes the written
word differently if it is on paper or
on an electonic screen. (2016)
Brain Research
Myths Debunked!
Tips and Tricks
Facilitated Communication:
Mental Miracle or Slight of Hand?
Review of history, available
research, and current status
of FC. Does it constitute an
unusual form of abuse? (2016)
Recent brain research shows
stuttering is caused by
reduced blood flow to certain
areas of the brain.
Small therapy room? Don't
waste valuable real estate
with fluff! Research shows the
best way to "decorate" the
walls in your room.  (2014)
From NeuroScience News,
research discovers the reason
humans are the only species
to use both music and speech
to communicate (2017)
You Should Know ...
We've all heard lots of
reasons to use ABA with Ss
with autism. Here are some
reasons to try a different
approach. (2017)
Research that show the
benefits of recess is just what
most of these kids need!
1 in 13 students now have
food allergies. Here is some
helpful info re: symptoms,
504 accommodations, impact
on learning, ideas to totally
include Ss (2016)
Maker education is taking
over the schools all over the
country? This explains what
the big deal is. (2016)
If you have groups that are
too large, and Ss who can
work independently, try
using these suggestions for
learning zones in your room!
Explains the neurological events
involved in the regression seen in
toddlers, which prompted the
whole debate that it is caused by
vaccination. (2017)
How ending behavior rewards
helped one school focus on
student motivation and
character. You're not doing
them any favors!
Straight from the publishers,
Fountas & Pinnell!
This journal article covers how the
SLP can contribute to a student's
reading skills, including learning
sounds for letters, and sight
words. (2001)
Article from EdSurge about
the lack of actual evidence
that it works! (2017)
Facilitated Commun. -
This is a 60 min TV program
all about the development of
facilitated communication and
the problems it has caused.
Watch at least 30 min to see
the study that was done 1963.
Blog post from North Dakota
Assistive Technology reviews
the imperical evidence behind
some of the myths about AAC.
From Edutopia, the online
publication for educators, this link
takes you to all of their articles
about current brain-based learning
research in one handy place!
(posted 2018)
Info from the DANA Foundation
about research showing language
occurs in a network of
connections all over the brain.
This article explains what is
meant by the spectrum". It's
not what you think! (2019)
Article from Austistic Self
Advocacy Network (ASAN)
-should we say "person with
autism" or "autistic person"? -
from the horse's mouth!
From Edutopia (2019), this
article contains info about the
forgetting curve (memory
over time), and strategies to
facilitate memory.
Did you know there are 8
different sensory systems?
This explains it all very
Forget what you were taught
about the "language centers"
of the brain! Current research
shows language is a whole-
brain activity. (2016)
Download the report from the
Dept of Defense's year-long
study. (2018)
3 charts that explain a lot,
from British neuroscientist.
A brief synopsis of the latest
research in education, many
of which could impact your
therapy. From Edutopia.
Best resources/organizations for
therapy in 2019. From
Article from Edutopia about
research into effective
studying techniques. These
can impact how you do
Systematic review of 18
years of research. June,
A brief synopsis of the latest
research in education during
2020. From Edutopia.