See phonetic placement!
This is the COOLEST site! If you
type in a sound, an animation
appears to show placement of
articulators to produce
the sound. Also does Spanish
and German.

Posted 10/13/08
Chip the Chimp Free sample
download from Reading A-Z,
this story is loaded with CH
words for artic practice at
reading level. Opens with
Adobe Reader.

Posted 12/29/10
Y is for Yolanda
Short story loaded with Y words
for artic practice at reading level.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 12/29/10
Deskribits for Y
Picture cards to describe color,
shape, location. Good for artic
practice for Y sound at
structured conversation level.

Created by Ellen Weber
Posted 12/29/10
Free Webinar: How To
Correct The R Sound
30 min webinar, presented by
Anna Krueger, MSc,

Posted 10/25/16
Free Home Program
SpeechTherapy Ideas offers a
free home practice sheet for
/s/, with links to others.

Posted 10/25/16
LessonPix Sound Finder
Did you know that LessonPix
has a sound finder for SLPs to
locate images of words with
specific sounds in specific
locations in words? (And they
are cheaper than Boardmaker)

Posted 8/30/17
Worksheets, Forms, and
Free sound worksheets,
developmental charts, artic
screener, therapy log, & more
(free at time of posting)

Posted 8/31/17
Articulation Gameboards
Free at time of posting, these
are gameboards for specific
sounds and positions, created
by Shauna Woods, SLP

Posted 8/31/17
Artic Picture Cards,
Homework, & Gameboards
Organized by sound/position.
Free at time of posting

Posted 8/31/17
Complete Home Program
for /p/, /b/, and /f/
Activities to practice these
sounds at all levels, including
conversational carryover
Free at time of posting

Posted 8/31/17
ASHA's info on Articulation
and Phonology (EBP)
Norms, Symptoms of disorder,
Assessment, Treatment, etc.

Posted 8/31/17
Top 10 Articulation Apps
from SmartApps for Special
Needs, each app is reviewed
so you can choose the one
that meets your needs

Posted 8/13/17
Video Instruction for getting
a good /r/ sound!
From SLP with 42+ yrs

Posted 8/31/17
Singing Sounds
Songs for learning early
speech sounds. Order a CD
with printed lyrics, or MP3
download with lyrics.

Posted 12/29/17
Kids Songs for Speech
YouTube video by Reese Dixon.
A fun way to practice those B's,
P's, S's, L's, and R's.

Posted 12/29/17
Letter Sound Songs
This search will pull up all of the
YouTube videos with songs
about specific letter sounds
from Storybots and ABCMouse.

Posted 12/29/17
Sound-Specific Books
List of familiar kids' books
that contain high frequency
of specific sounds, organized
by sound.

Posted 12/29/17
Cycles Approach -
Everything You Need!
This site has a ton of materials
for using the Cycles approach,
including forms for the SLP,
handouts for parents, an
explanation of the approach,
and more!

Posted 12/29/17
see also our EBP page!
H/O re: Oral Motor Exercise
This .pdf from Watson & Lof
gives talking points about the
use of oral motor exercises for
speech therapy.
Please be
advised that research shows this
to be ineffective for speech.

Posted 12/29/17
see also Milestones Page
Multiple Oppositions
Explanation of this therapy
approach for phoneme

Posted 12/29/17
Minimal Pairs Therapy
Explanation of minimal and
maximal pairs approach

Posted 12/29/17
Phonological Complexity
Explanation of what it is, and
the research behind it.

Posted 12/29/17
DIBELS Scoring Manual
Ss with artic errors are
frequently scored incorrectly by
gen ed teachers using the
DIBELS to assess reading
levels. Check page 13+ for
specific info regarding
articulation and fluency issues.

Posted 12/29/17
What's Wrong Pics
This is a slideshare, similar to a
PowerPoint, so it can be used
for a no-print option. 22 unique
photos to stimulate speech.

Posted 12/29/17
What's Wrong Worksheets
Set of 3 free printable scenes,
each with 10-20 mistakes.

Posted 12/29/17
Story Sequencing Pics
Free from DLTK, there are
several sets of short story pic
cards you can print and use to
retell the sequence of events.

Posted 12/29/17
Speech Banana Chart
from John Tracy Clinic, this
chart shows where the
speech sounds fall on an
Repetitive Picture Books
for kids with CAS, from

Posted 1/23/20
Role of Phonemic Prof
in Reading
This is a 90 min presentation
from Ohio Dept of Educ
Placement Tips for /r/
5 video tips from Talli
Kellerstein, SLP
Free Worksheets
Organized by sound,
levels word-conversation.
Free Artic Home Practice
Kid-safe, from Mabel De Leon.
Posted 9/25/20