Articulation/Phonology Apps
(prices listed for time of posting only, and
are subject to change without notice)
Flashcards and
match- ing activities
for artic sounds.
/w/th/h/j/  FREE.
SmallTalk has many
apps available for
aphasia TX. This  is
just one. FREE at the   
moment, so don't wait!
Uses camera to see
your  face for artic
practice.  FREE.
Min pair words, w/ aud.
disc. and speaking
modes. Shows  sound
placement diagrams.   
Tracks 2 stud's. $9.99
Artic pic, sentences,
stories, questions,
data tracker. /p/ is
FREE. Buy others
Lots of activites to
practice sounds.
Tracks data. /b/ is
FREE. $.99 - 2.99 ea
for  other sounds.
Virtual flipbooks for
artic snd sentences.
AR is FREE. Other
sound pks $9.99 ea.
Practice word,sent,
stories for sounds.
/k/ for FREE. Other
sounds $2.99-3.99
Aud discrim contrast  
drill, target drill for  
phonological errors
CCR is FREE.  Whole  
app is $29.99
Over 2500 great
photos organized by
phonic sounds, incl
blends. Data. FREE
CVC flipchart by
phonemes, includes  
blends. Good for
apraxia. $4.99 for a
limited time.
Analyzes your spoken
words, compares pro-
nunciation with model.
Videos showing
oral production of
each blend combo.
Videos showing
oral production of
each phoneme.
By Mayer-Johnson,
uses familiar Board-
maker pics. /b/ is free
but each snd is .99
Wd, phr and sent for
all phonems. Aud
model and record to
compare, data. On
sale 4.99 ltd time.
Great for creating
sentences for artic
practice. Free /2.99
Great app for
working on motor
patterns for CV,
CVC, and soon
CVCV syl/wds. 29.99
Phoneme manip'n
app that would be
great for
apraxics and
phonology. 9.99
TinyTap app for
apraxic students to
learn about and self-
correct their errors
TinyTap app to
practice /s/ words
and sentences for
homework. FREE
TinyTap app for
TinyTap app for
TinyTap app
for /r/ in combo
with misc. vowels
Adjust speed of
your recorded
voice to model for
students. Free.
From Erik X. Raj, this
fun app lets kids
practice their sound
in sentence or
reading in music!
Artic practice for
/p/, /b/, /m/, /w/.
Good for