Good intro for families- beginning
signs, videos, dictionary, flash
cards, etc. Not all signs are ASL!
Signing Time
Series of YouTube
videos for kids
Signing Savvy
ASL online dictionary, easily
search for word or phrase. Kids
under 3 can enroll in free class.
ASL Nook
Free videos of kids
using sign, by theme
Resources recommended
by other SLPs
Resources for American
Sign Language
Research summary about using Baby
Signs with children who can hear.
(you may need to login as member)
11 Tips to Improve a Child's
Communication with Signs
Sign language and ASD-related
language delay
Review of technological supports for
sign language for Ss w disabilities
New Technologies!

Glove to translate sign into text/speech
see video from CNET

reasons they do not work
for deaf people!
ASL translator app for iOS
phones.Type in text and it will
show video of how to say the
word/phrase in sign. 4.4 stars

Translator app to recognize sign
and translate into text, using virtual
reality platform to capture whole-body
movements (in development).
ASL app (iOS)
Learn American Sign
Language at your own pace.
Free at time of post.
Apps from TinyTap
(might need membership to access)
Love Signs
5-part series combining music and
signs to promote lang. develop't in
infants. (Not all signs are ASL)
ASL Alphabet Game
Fun beat-the-timer game to
practice recognizing alphabet
Tennessee School for the Deaf
Over 100 activities for Dolch sight words,
and other literacy skills, in sign.
These will play on any device
that can access the internet.