AAC Apps for
Communication app
used by CCSD  on iPod
Touch devices. Site
has manual, articles,
and tutorials/ training
33 Free beginner ASL  
signs.   Larger
program  is available   
for $4.99  and sign
flashcards  for $.99
Several difficulty
levels to practice
ASL alphabet. Free.
70 idioms done in
sign language (2
volume set). $2.99
Speech generated by
typing in sounds
rather  than letters of
word.  $.99
Simple yes or no
answers, or program
your own.  5 voices
available. $.99
Picture exchange
app for nonverbal
students. Good to
transition from PECS
to electronic
devices  $37.99
Turn i-device into AAC
device; 2000+ talking
pics, Can customize
via  your  PC.  FREE
Supports BoardMaker
images, create boards on
your device, share, print,
save. Record voice/sound
and tap to play back.
Support BoardMaker
images. Similar to
TalkBoard but cannot
record sound. $7.99
Customizable AAC
program.  Unlimited
pages. $79.00
Lots of features you
get on expensive
apps but it's FREE!
Free AAC with key-
board, intuitive
phrasing. Whole  app
is customizable  for $99
Intuitive, easy to
navigate. Good entry
level AAC device.
Has  keyboard. FREE
Over 100 words &
phrases needed in
public. Videos,
games, quiz. 2.99
Library shelf app to
store signed kids
stories you buy
in-app. Free
Stories .99-5.99
Text-to-sign transla-
tion w/ over 30,000
words. 2.99
TinyTap app to
demo using it to
create a FREE AAC
device w/ iPad. FREE