A teacher who does not let a student use
their device in class is no better than one
who puts duct tape over a student's mouth.
There is no difference!
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Did you know that most AAC
app companies will give
SLPs free trials?
Free Resources
Core Vocabulary
Should You Use Standardized Tests?
Advice from AAC Guru, Vicki Clarke
Free Communication Boards
Includes boards for hospital setting
Using the SETT Framework
How to decide which tools to use?
Communication Matrix
Free online assessment for people
with complex communication needs
Free Boardmaker Boards,
Activities, & Materials
From Teaching Learners with
Multiple Needs
AAC Assessment Forms
Interventions, Device Eval,
Rubrics, Needs Assmt, & more
Say It With Symbols
Free comm. boards, symbols, social
stories & much more
Studies & Activities .pdf
Brief explanation of why to use core
vocabulary, and many different
activities to use to teach it.
Curious George Gets a Talker
(free PPT about getting
an AAC device)