A teacher who does not let a student use
their device in class is no better than one
who puts duct tape over a student's mouth.
There is no difference!
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Interactive infographic
that lists all the AAC
apps, categorized by
feature (tap on image)
Updated June 2020.
Did you know that most AAC
app companies will give
SLPs free trials?
Free Resources
Core Vocabulary
Should You Use Standardized
Advice from AAC Guru, Vicki Clarke
Free Communication Boards
Includes boards for hospital setting
Using the SETT Framework
How to decide which tools to use?
Communication Matrix
Free online assessment for
people with complex
communication needs
Free Boardmaker Boards,
Activities, & Materials
From Teaching Learners with
Multiple Needs
AAC Assessment Forms
Interventions, Device Eval,
Rubrics, Needs Assmt, & more
Dynavox Needs Assmt Form
(see copyright restrictions)
Say It With Symbols
Free comm. boards, symbols,
social stories & much more
Studies & Activities .pdf
Brief explanation of why to use
core vocabulary, and many
different activities to use to
teach it.
Curious George Gets a Talker
(free PPT about getting
an AAC device)
Medicare Requirements
Link to ASHA's sgd info for
procedure codes and more
SGD evaluation template
from ASHA (optional)
Note: Most maufacturers offer an
evaluation form you can use as well
Device Documentation Article
from ASHA Leader, Feb 2018 -
lots of good info
GA DOE Assessment Form
(permission to share for
non-commercial purposes
with attribution)
Articles - Must Read!
Facilitated Communication:
Mental Miracle or Slight of Hand?

Review of history, available research,
and current status of FC. Does it
constitute an unusual form of
abuse? (2016) (Spoiler alert ... YES!)
Great intro to AAC for newbies!
Pre-Verbal Stages
as they pertain to AAC,
from Language Lab
Assistive Technology
Built Into Mobile Devices
Explore the many assistive
capabilities of your mobile devices!
American Sign Language University
is a free resource site for ASL
students and teachers. Here you
will find information and resources
to help you learn ASL and improve
your signing.
Best AAC Dictionary Apps
Review by AppAdvice.Com (2019)
Helpful info about getting assistive
devices covered (scroll down)
AAC App Comparison Matrix
from N. Dakota Asst'v Tech, 2013
Talking with Tech
Helpful podcast
Making an AAC Book
From AssistiveWare, instructions for
making a hard copy backup of the
vocabulary on your AAC device.
NOTE: If you need training on
how to use/program a specific
device, the manufacturer
usually has tutorials online.
ASHA CE Courses
Changes frequently. You will need to
sign in with your ASHA number.
How to Make a PECS Book
Easy to understand instructions
that can save you money, from
Getting Started With PECS
Short video tutorial
Assessing Emergent
Tips from PrAACticalAAC,org
AAC Myths Debunked
Blog post from North Dakota Assistive
Technology reviews the imperical
evidence behind some of the myths
about AAC.
Free Core Vocabulary Visuals
and lots of other visuals from
Volusia School District
Free AT/AAC Webinars
from Accessible Technology Coalition.
Follow them on Facebook for monthly
updates.  Feb 2020
AAC Goal Resources
Pdf from Facebook Group,
AAC for the SLP
Making Informed Decisions
How to decide which to purchase.
New COVID-19 symbols
from Boardmaker
AAC Evaluation Genie
12.99, 5 star rating
Over 50 apps available to explore
typing and specialized keyboards.
From Omazing Kids
Online Lessons
Many YouTube lessons from Mr.
Clay, SLP, using AAC
Who's It For?
A guide to symbol and text-based
communication software. 2020.
Free Form to Evaluate Apps
From Vicki Clarke
Freebies from DTA
All kinds of useful materials and
info from Dynamic Therapy Assoc.
Free CEU
From Linguagraphica, doing AAC
device trials via teletherapy
Apps & Websites
to create materials w symbols