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ASHA recommendations
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Free Printable Paper Dolls
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Free SEL Materials
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Free Social Stories about COVID19
Using Short Videos for TX
blog post with resources
from Theraplatform
Quarantine FYI
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COVID-19 Resources
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.COVID-19 Resource Packet
.CISA Memorandum
.CMS Medicare FAQs
Providing IEP Services
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HIPAA waiver for teleservice
from HHS (3/20/20)
App of the Month
Sleep/Mindfulness for
kids. Free.
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Recently Released
What Can I Do At
The Beach?
"I can + verb"
sentences, vocab
Age 3+
I Like Fishing
For me/I errors as
subj. pronoun. Can
target other goals.
Little Monster Me
Listening game for
me/I subsitutions.
Age 3+
What Good is
a Dragon?
Mixed /g/ and /k/
sentences. Age 3+
My Dragon Has
a Wagon
Sentences for /-g-/
words. Age 3+
Ghostbuster Kids
Fun catch-the-
ghosts game to
practice /g-/ words.
Catching Fireflies
/k-/ words; animated
actions. Age 3+
Catching Fireflies 2
/g-/ and /-g/ words;
animated actions.
Age 3+
Goofy Ghosts
Aud discrim game
for initial /k/ snd.
Ages 3+
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Hot Topics
TinyTap activities for the month
Aug 6 - Farmworkers App Day
Fun On The Farm
Animal sounds,
rhyming, vocab.
Age 3+
The Day The Pig
Said Moo
Ident anim/snds.
Ages 2-5
Baa Baa Black
Thinking activities
for the classic
story. Ages 2-5
Little Bo Peep's
Lost Sheep
Listening for 2
attributes. Age 3+
Early math vocab/
concepts. Age 4+
Aug 12 - World Elephant Day
Memory For
remember game. Age
Aug 26 - Dog Day
Going To The Dogs!
puzzles from 1-3 pc
Age 2+
Look for Mutley's
Memory Games -
8 different vis & aud
memory games. Just
search for "Mutley".
Seasonal Themes
I Like Camping
/k/ and /g/
sentences, vocab.
Ages 3+
What's Different?
Work on verbal
Ages 4+
Making S'mores
Visual directions
for cooking project
Ages 3+
Road Trip!
8 different games
to play on a road
trip, ranging in
ages 3 - adult
Tons of vocab,
early sci concepts
of day/nite,
weather, seasons.
Age 3+
Backyard Birds
Game to ID 25
common birds in
SE U.S.A Age 5+
Garden, Garden
Interactive intro to
gardening (vocab)
Age 3+
Specifically Speech
TinyTap Activities for
Artic, Voice, & Fluency
(I also have over 300 activities in
the TinyTap library for language
skills, ranging in ages 2-12,
including many based on academic
areas. Just search my name.)
Aud Discrim for Speech Sounds
Self-Monitoring     Homework
Vocalic R Tips    Short Vowels
P,B,M,W modules      T,D,N Practice
S Blend Practice    Carryover Games
Wd-Conv level games
Classroom Lesson   EasySpeak'gVoice
4 modules about
prosody: stress,
intonation, phrasing,
& informal assessmt
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units and games.
MzWeb's World
The Boy Who Cried
- integrated
STEAM lesson for
K-3gr. Lots of S/L
Interactive board
game for narrative
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
The Paper Bag
 - 42
pages of S/L
activities, gr K-3
a  Web site dedicated to the awesome
public school Speech-Language Pathologists
What We Do
This site is a place where SLPs can share their lessons, materials,
and resources for activities for FREE. Activities can be located by
using the search bar or site map to locate your topic
"What do we live for, if
it is not to make life
less difficult for each
- George Eliot
Aug 1 - World Wide Web Day
Aug 2 - Sisters Day
Aug 3 - National Watermelon Day
Aug 4 - Assistance Dog Day
Aug 5 - Bloggers Day
Aug 6 - Farmworkers Apprec'n Day
Aug 8 - International Cat Day
Aug 9 - Smokey the Bear's Bday
Aug10-16  Afternoon Tea Week
Aug10- World Lion Day; S'mores
Aug11- Play in the Sand Day
Aug12- World Elephant Day
Aug15- World Honey Bee Day;
          Internat'l Homeless Animals
          Day; Wizard of Oz Day
Aug16- National Tell a Joke Day
Aug19- Photography Day
Aug21- Senior Citizens Day
Aug24- National Peach Pie Day
Aug26- Women's Equality Day;
          Dog Day
Aug28- Dream Day (MLK)
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August is ...
Water Quality Month
Fishing Month
Inventor's Month
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