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TinyTap is now the #1
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NOTE: I will be spending the
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TinyTap activities for the month
July 1 - International Joke Day
5 different activities
to help students
understand humor.
Ages 2-12 or spec ed.
July 5 - PT Barnum's Bday
Fun circus activity to
find and explain the
differences between
2 pics. Ages 4+.
July 10 - Teddy Bear's Picnic Day
Encourage Ss to put
2 words together to
express several
functions. (w video)
July 22 - Pied Piper Day
Math vocabulary
games from the
story. Age 3+
July 24-27 - Family Member Days
Basic explanation
of who your family
members are, with
song video. Age 3+
Seasonal Themes
Find the diff. game
with a verbal expr'n
component. Age 4+
Find the diff. game
with a verbal expr'n
component. Age 4+
Help the bears
check the weather
to get dressed.
Ages 2+
Visual directions for
making s'mores,
along with language
games. Ages 3+
Collection of 8 dif
activities to do on
a road trip ...
At Night (ages 3-4+)
Vehicles (ages 4-5+)
To the City (ages 4-5+)
To the Beach (ages 4-5+)
Road Signs (Ages 5-6+)
To the Mountains (Ages 5-6+)
License Plate Game (Ages 6-7+)
Foodie Fun (Ages 7+)
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units, backgrounds and
layouts for TpT and TinyTap
creations, games, & more. This is
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MzWeb's World
This is a collection
of 5 different
activity packs, one
for each of the WH
containing 12-18
pages each.
Also available in digital form in
the TinyTap marketplace - no print!
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
A month of activ.
for "The Boy Who
Cried Wolf", incl
narr'v skills, artic/
lang activities, sci,
math, art, and
social skills.
Gr K-3
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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"What do we live for, if it is
not to make life less difficult
for each other?"  - George Eliot
July 1 - Canada Day; Joke Day
July 2 - World UFO Day
July 3 - International Plastic-Free Day
July 4 - Independence Day (U.S.)
July 5 - P.T.Barnum's Birthday
July 8 - Video Game Day
July 10 - Teddy Bear's Picnic Day
July 12 - Paper Bag Day
July 14 - Shark Week starts;
            Bastille Day (France)
July 17 - World Emoji Day
July 22 - Pied Piper of Hamlin Day
July 24 - Cousins Day
July 26 - Aunts & Uncles Day
July 27 - Parents Day;
           Bugs Bunny's Birthday
July 28 - Beatrix Potter's Birthday
July 29 - International Tiger Day
Need some inspiration for lessons? Check
out all the special events happening this
month! Tie your therapy to the arts, history,
science, cooking projects, and celebrations
around the world...          
July is ...
Picnic Month
Cell Phone Courtesy Month
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