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4in1 Halloween
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What Was I
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Interactive Dr.
Seuss story with
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Recently Released
Costume Party!
Dress the kids.
Vocabulary. Age 3+
Hallw'n Hidden Pics
Counting to 5, vis
discrim, vocab
Ages 4+
There Was An Old
Lady Who ... Leaves
Vocab, narrative
skills, Age 3+
Odd One Out -
action words,
negation Ages 3+
Do Tell!
Interactive game
board - narrative
skills. Ages 5+
Monkey See,
Monkey Do
Motor & vocal imitation
game. Age
Idioms for young kids ...
Ants In Your Pants
Basic concepts,
idioms. Ages 3+
Busy Bee
Basic concepts,
vocab, idioms.
Ages 3+
When Pigs Fly
Basic concepts,
idioms, story.
Ages 3+
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Hot Topics
TinyTap activities for the month
Oct 2 - Farm Animal Day
Fun On The Farm
Vocab, rhyme,
animal sounds.
Ages 3+
The Day The Pig
Said Moo
Fix their mixed up
voices! Age 2+
Oct 2 - Kids Music Day
Let's Make Music
Snd-symbol assoc
to make music!
Ages 2+
Oct 5 - Bullying Prevention
For victims, bullies,
and bystanders
Oct 22 - Stuttering Awareness
What You Need To
Know About St'g
For teachers and
classmates of
Easy Speaking Voice
Teach young Ss to
use and
self-monitor ESV
Oct 26 - Pumpkin Day
Where is Pumpkin?
concepts. Ages 3+
Oct 29 - Cat Day
Squirrely & Squeak
Fun story for artic
practics /s/ blends.
Ages 7+
The Emperor's
New Clothes
Audio book; idioms
Ages 3+
Oct 31 - Halloween
See them all on the
Halloween Page!
Seasonal Themes
What's Diff.- Fall
expression of diff.
Ages 4+
Early seasonal
Ages 3+
Same or Different:
Back to School
same/dif activities of
increasing difficulty.
Ages 4+
Pancake Day!
Visual directions for
making pumpkin
pancakes. Ages 3+
Specifically Speech
TinyTap Activities for
Artic, Voice, & Fluency
(I also have over 400 activities in
the TinyTap library for language
skills, ranging in ages 2-12,
including many based on academic
areas. Just search my name.)
Aud Discrim for Speech Sounds
Self-Monitoring     Homework
Vocalic R Tips    Short Vowels
P,B,M,W modules      T,D,N Practice
S Blend Practice    Carryover Games
Wd-Conv level games   K&G for PreK
Classroom Lesson   EasySpeak'gVoice
4 modules about
prosody: stress,
intonation, phrasing,
& informal assessmt
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units and games.
MzWeb's World
Pumpkin Patch
Sp/Lang Games
2 sets of cards for
5 different games
Halloween Speech
Language Games
16 character cards
for 4 dif games
Interactive white
board game for
narrative skills.
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
a  Web site dedicated to the awesome
public school Speech-Language Pathologists
What We Do
This site is a place where SLPs can share their lessons, materials,
and resources for activities for FREE. Activities can be located by
using the search bar or site map to locate your topic
"What do we live for, if
it is not to make life
less difficult for each
- George Eliot
Oct 1 - Homemade Cookie Day;
  International Coffee Day
Oct 2 -- World Farm Animal Day;
    Kids Music Day
Oct 5 - Day of Bullying Prevention;
  World Habitat Day;
  World Teacher Day
Oct 6 - World Cerebral Palsy Day;
  Mad Hatter Day
Oct 7 - Random Acts of Poetry Day
Oct 8 - Pierogie Day (yum!)
Oct 9 - Fire Prevention Day;
  World Egg Day
Oct 10-World Mental Health Day
Oct 12-Columbus Day;
  Canadian Thanksgiving;
  Native American Day
Oct 14-Bring Yr Teddy Bear to
  Work/School Day
Oct 15-World Student Day
Oct 16-Dictionary Day; Boss' Day
Oct 18-Developmental Language   
  Disorders Awareness Day
Oct 21-Apple Day
Oct 22-International Stuttering
  Awareness Day
Oct 26-Pumpkin Day
Oct 29-Internet Day; Cat Day
Oct 31-Halloween,
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October is ...
AAC Awareness Month
Hispanic Heritage Month
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