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Ss are frequently mistakenly
penalized on their gen ed  
reading assessments because
of articulation or fluency issues.
Read pg 13+ of scoring manual,
and please share/explain to
your  gen ed teachers!

App of the Month
From the ever-popular
SLP, Erik X. Raj, this fun
app lets your Ss practice
their sounds in sentence
and reading levels while
creating dance moves.
Recently Added

Revisit our Articulation Page to see
all the new additions.

Lots of new info added
to the
EBP page!

Legal Beagle Page
Check out info on how
tax reform could impact you
New From TinyTap
Have you seen their update to
the creation process?
Work on context
clues with the
story by Caralyn
Check out my new series
for WH Questions:
Each app contains several mini-lessons
about underlying concepts and vocab, as
well as follow-up activities for centers,
group practice, homework, or assessing
progress. FREE for a LIMITED time.
Don't forget my DIY series:
Learn how to turn
your favority
story into an
interactive ebook
Learn to make
interactive visual
schedules and
all-done checklists
Learn to create
visual directions
Learn to make
your own
social stories
Learn to make
digital multiple
T/F, rubric or
rating scale
Project-Based Assessments
Future TinyTap Training
Want a step-by-step intro
to using TinyTap?
Upcoming Workshops:
Univ. of North Ga.
Gainsville Campus
Jan 27, 2018
If you would like to schedule a
training or webinar for your group,
or even set up a TinyTap party with
friends, feel free to
contact me!
It's finally here!
Now you see it,
Now you don't!
Interactive layers that
appear/disappear with
a tap. Great for those
Memory games!
Follow me on Facebook for my
TechTipTuesdays hint of the week to
get the most from TinyTap.
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units, backgrounds and
layouts for TpT and TinyTap
creations, games, & more
MzWeb's World
Fun  theme unit for
The Wild Toboggan Ride
by Suzan Reid.
44 pages of speech and
language activities.
Fun  theme unit for
The Bear Who Slept
Through Christmas
by John Barrett.
46 pages of speech and
language activities.
Nine pages of
printer- friendly
winter games, with
ideas for other
activities &
Hot off the presses!
This is a collection of 5
different activity packs,
one for each of the WH
questions, containing
12-18 pages each.
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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Jan 1 - New Year's Day
Jan 2 - Science Fiction Day/
          Isaac Asimov's birthday
Jan 3 - J.R.R.Tokien's birthday
Jan 4 - Trivia Day
Jan 5 - National Bird Day
Jan 6 - Sherlock Holmes Day
Jan 7 - Check for TpT Must Have Sale
Jan 8 - Clean Off Your Desk Day
Jan 9 - Ist iPhone introduced 2007
Jan 11 - A. Earhart's solo flight across
              the Pacific ocean, 1935
Jan 13 - Skeptic's Day
Jan 14 - National Dress Up Your Pet Day
         International Kite Day
Jan 15 - Dr. Martin Luther King Day
         Hat Day
Jan 17 - Kid Inventor's Day
Jan 18 - Winnie the Pooh Day
Jan 19 - Popcorn Day / Tin Can Day
Jan 20 - Day of Acceptance
Jan 21 - International Sweat Pants Day
Jan 22 - Answer Your Cat's Question Day
Jan 23 - National Handwriting Day
Jan 24 - Peanut Butter Day
Jan 25 - Opposite Day / Irish Coffee Day
Jan 26 - International Fun At Work Day
Jan 27 - Lewis Carroll Day
Jan 29 - National Puzzle Day
Jan 31 - Backwards Day
Need some inspiration
for lessons? Check out
all the special events
happening this month!
Tie your therapy to the
arts, history, science,
cooking projects, and
celebrations around
the world.           
January  is ...
Brain Teaser Month
Creativity Month
Clean Up Your Computer Month