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Fun story about
a runaway wagon
to introduce
Preschoolers to
family members.
Fun story about
a little girl who
goes through a
lot of feelings in
one day. Ages4+
A new collection of vocabulary
activities: Magic Describing
Kids learn the "magic" of
reading people's minds with
describing words. Ages 4+ (Free
for limited time)
 Actions                  Objects
 People                       Events
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TinyTap? Check out these tutorials!
For the first time
user. Step-by-step
intro to the
features of
YouTube channel
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Collection of my ten
tutorials for all
kinds of things you
can do with
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Hot Topics
TinyTap activities for the month
Sept 8 - Star Trek Day
Lang lesson based
on Star Trek for
context clues,
predicting, graphing
Ages 10+
Sept 9 - Teddy Bear Day
Fun game to
encourage 2-word
Ages 2+
Follow 1- & 2-step
directions to create a
yummy burger. Use
w/ partner as
expressive activity.
Ages 4+
Practice counting to
3 and learn sizes.
Pre-math activity for
ages 2+
Sept 11 - National Quiet Day
A day with no
talking. P Perfect
to practice those
skills! ASL
alphabet challenge
game), or
Gestures. Ages 5+
Sept 18 - Respect Day
Do your Ss really
understand what
mean? Ages 5+
Sept 23 - Family Day
Intro to members of
a basic family, w/
fun song video.
Ages 3+
<----- See also "Little Red Wagon"
Sept 25 - Cooking Day
Visual directions &
sequenc'g activity
for mkg pancakes.
Ages 5+
Sept 29 - World Heart Day
Fun game to work
on descriptive
vocab and spatial
concepts. Ages 4+
Seasonal Themes
Lots of vocab for
Autumn/Fall, early
science concepts,
and color sorting.
Ages 3+.
Find & describe the
differences in the
pics w/ a buddy.
Ages 4+
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Check out my TpT store for
story theme units, backgrounds
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TinyTap creations, games, &
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MzWeb's World
2 fun board games
my students
loved! Includes
dice and "speech
pieces, and
question cards for
table game or use
on interactive brd.
This is a collection
of 5 different
activity packs, one
for each of the WH
containing 12-18
pages each.
Also available in digital form in
the TinyTap marketplace - no
2 sets of picture cards (dif age
levels) and directions for five
different S/L games to target
vocabulary, following directions,
basic concepts, verbal description
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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"What do we live for, if it is
not to make life less difficult
for each other?"  
- George Eliot
Sept 1: Letter Writing Day
Sept 2: Labor Day
Sept 4: National Wildlife Day
Sept 5: International Day of Charity
Sept 6: Read a Book Day
Sept 7:
TpT's SLP Must Have Sale;
     Superhuman Day (Paralympics)
Sept 8: International Literacy Day;
     Grandparents Day;
     Star Trek Day
Sept 9: Teddy Bear Day

 Ga School SLP week 9-12
Sept 10: Suicide Prevention Day
Sept 11: National Quiet Day
Sept 13: Kids Tk Over the Kitchen Day
Sept 15: Tomie DePaola's Bday;
       Make a Hat Day;
       Hispanic Heritage Mo begins
Sept 16: Play Doh Day;
       Stepfamily Day
Sept 18: Respect Day
Sept 19: Talk Like a Pirate Day
Sept 20: Pepperoni Pizza Day
Sept 21: World Gratitude Day;
       World Alzheimers Day;
       H.G.Wells B-day
Sept 22: World Elephant Day;
       Hobbit Day
Sept 23:
First Day of Autumn;
       Family Day
Sept 24: Punctuation Day
Sept 25: Cooking Day; Comic Bk Day
Sept 26: Johnny Appleseed Day
Sept 27: Ancestor Appreciation Day
Sept 28: Good Neighbor Day;
       Backup Your Photos Day!
Sept 29: World Heart Day
Need some inspiration for lessons? Check
out all the special events happening this
month! Tie your therapy to the arts,
history, science, cooking projects, and
celebrations around the world...          
September is ...
Friendship Month
Suicide Prevention Month
Hispanic Heritage Month (Sep15+)
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