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App of the Month

Best Thanksgiving-themed
apps for kids (iOS)
(some free, some not; covers a  
variety of ages and skills)
Hand Turkey
Use your hand print
to create a turkey
and add features.
Check out this free lesson plan
to use Hand Turkey to work on
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ASL Resources page
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Social Media Resources page
Children's Consonant Acquisition in
27 Languages: A Cross-Linguistic
Review (see Milestones page)
Changes to ASHA certification
requirements for 2020
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Big News!
Apple has released a new app called
ClassKit, which is featured on their
Schoolwork app. Now, you can directly
assign TinyTap games, quizzes, and
everything else through ClassKit.
Additionally, you can easily keep track
of your students' progress on TinyTap
and every other education app you may
use, all in one convenient app!

CLICK HERE to learn more!
TinyTap is now the #1 educational
app in 24 countries!
They recently were awarded
$5 million in funding!
New TinyTap Creator of Note ...
Click on image above to check out
the cool activities from Cici
Lampe. Great stuff for toddlers
and preK. Lots of seasonal fun.
Recently released ...
Collection of language
activities based on the
story Turk and Runt
by Lisa Wheeler
For sped teachers ...
Interactive game using
common Fall objects
to add within 5 (Kdg).
For sped teachers ...
Interactive game using
common Fall objects
to subtract within 5
Coming Soon ...
A series of activities to
get the kids looking
out the window on a
road trip instead of at
their devices the whole
Hot Topics
TinyTap activities for the month's topics
Nov 7 - Stress Awareness Day
Quick stress
reducers for
overworked SLPs
(and teachers)
Nov 15 - America Recycles Day
Fun recycling game
Nov 16 - Party w Your Bear Day
Goldilocks & 3 Bears
Learn about sizes (big,
medium, little) and
counting to 3. Fun song
video included. Ages
3+. Free.
Teddy Bears' Picnic
Encourages putting
two words together to
express many different
functions. Includes fun
video. Free.
What Should Bear Wear?
Brother and Sister Bear
learn to check the
weather before they get
dressed in the morning.
Nov 22 - Thanksgiving
Where is Pumpkin?
Find the right pumpkin
when given the
location clue.
Thanksgiving Sudoku
Fun intro to doing
these critical thinking
puzzles, using pictures.
Want a step-by-step intro to using
TinyTap? Check out these tutorials!
See my entire DIY series:
directions for creating
tons of different
projects with TinyTap
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units, backgrounds and
layouts for TpT and TinyTap
creations, games, & more
MzWeb's World
This is a collection
of 5 different
activity packs, one
for each of the WH
containing 12-18
pages each.
26 pages of artic &
lang activities to
go with the story
Turk & Runt.
2 sets of pic cards
and directions for
using them in 5 dif
speech games for
vocab, directions,
concepts, verb expr'n
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
Have you found this site to be
useful? Have you downloaded
any of the free materials? Don't
you think it is time to
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What We Do
This site is a place where SLPs can share their lessons, materials,
and resources for activities for FREE. Activities can be located by
using the search bar or site map to locate your topic
"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"  
- George Eliot
Nov 1 - National Author's Day,
        National Family Literacy Day
Nov 3 - National Sandwich Day
Nov 4 - Daylight Savings Time ends
Nov 5 - Love Your Red Hair Day
Nov 6 - National Nachos Day
Nov 7 -  Check TpT for Must Have Sale,
Stress Awareness Day
Nov 8 - Cappuccino Day
Nov 9 - World Freedom Day
Nov 10 - Sesame Street Day
Nov 11 - International Tongue-Twister Day
Nov 12 - Veteran's Day observed
Nov 13 - World Kindness Day,
          Young Reader's Day
Nov 14 - World Diabetes Day, Pickle Day
Nov 15 - America Recycles Day
Nov 16 - Party w Your Bear Day,
          International Day of Tolerance,
          Button Day
Nov 19 - International Men's Day
Nov 20 - Universal Children's Day
Nov 22 - Thanksgiving
Nov 26 - Cyber Monday (look for deals on
apps and online purchases!)
Nov 28 - French Toast Day
Nov 30 - Computer Security Day (backup
your data and change your passwords!)
Need some inspiration
for lessons? Check
out all the special
events happening this
month! Tie your
therapy to the arts,
history, science,
cooking projects, and
celebrations around
the world.           
November is ...
Child Safety & Protection Month
Native American Heritage Month
Peanut Butter Lover's Month
Good Nutrition Month