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for demo

TinyTap now has the ability to recognize
speech. Now students can answer
verbally, even practice artic sounds!
Some of My Interactive Lessons:
From The TinyTap Marketplace:
Check out their free 30-day
trial for a Pro membership
to access premium content,
additional images, and  
much more!
How about a data mgt service?
You can push out assignments
and automatically receive the
students' performance data.
Check out Insights!
Or browse their collection of over
70 thousand other activities!
Where's My Heart?
Game to learn lots of
prepositons/ spatial
Same/different or
activity for Valentine's
Day. #descriptive
Six different
Valentine's Day
puzzles, including a
Check out all the other
activities for
Valentine's Day!
Goes with the story
Who Will See Their
Shadow - questions,
games, lots of fun for
Ground Hog Day
Learn about polar
bears through
quizzes and other
fun activities!
Series of visual
discrim matching
games of
difficulty, for PreK
Shameless Promotion
Check out my store in
MzWeb's World:
New 4 U...
Two of my
favorite board
games for any
time of year.

Four sets of
picture cards and
bingo boards, with
directions for lots
of games!

Board game for
narrative skills,
easily adapted for
interactive boards.
The Wild Toboggan Ride
44 page speech/language
theme unit activity pack
350 backgrounds and layouts!
Perfect for all your TpT and
TinyTap creations.

speech/language activity
packs available for:

The Paper Bag Princess  

Turk and Runt  

The Bear Who Slept
Through Christmas

The Wild Toboggan Ride
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Take-away message from this
year's ISTE conference:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't
" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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For February
Feb 1 - Robinson Crusoe Day
Feb 2 - Groundhog Day
Feb 4 - Create A Vacuum Day
 Facebook launched 2004
Feb 7 - Chas Dickens' Bday
 TpT SLPs sales day
Feb 8 - National Weather Service Day
 Toothache Day
Feb 10 - Umbrella Day
Feb 11 - Thomas Edison's Bday
 National Inventors Day
Feb 12 - Judy Bloom's Bday
Feb 14 - Valentine's day
Feb 15 - Susan B. Anthony's Bday
Feb 17 - Random Act of Kindness Day
Feb 20 - Presidents' Day
John Glenn 1st to Orbit Earth 1962
 Love Your Pet Day
Feb 22 - Be Humble Day
 World Thinking Day
Feb 25 - Artist P. A. Renoir's Bday
Feb 27 - International Polar Bear Day
Feb 28 - Mardi Gras