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News from TinyTap

for demo

TinyTap now has the ability to recognize
speech. Now students can answer
verbally, even practice artic sounds!
Some of my interactive lessons:
From The TinyTap Marketplace:
Check out their free 30-day
trial for a Pro membership
to access premium content,
additional images, and  
much more!
How about a data mgt service?
You can push out assignments
and automatically receive the
students' performance data.
Check out Insights!
100s of activities
for grammar day!
Check out the wild
animal lessons for
World WildLife Day
Lots of interactive
activities for
Dr.Seuss stories
Or browse their collection of over
100 thousand other activities!
Narrative skills
lesson for the
Tomie DePaola
O'Rourke and the
Big Potato

Spatial concepts/
prepositions/ Where

humor (part of a
series) with St.
Patick's day jokes
Shameless Promotion
Check out my store in
MzWeb's World:
New 4 U...
Two of my
favorite board
games for any
time of year.

Four sets of
picture cards and
bingo boards, with
directions for lots
of games!

Board game for
narrative skills,
easily adapted for
interactive boards.
350 backgrounds and layouts!
Perfect for all your TpT and
TinyTap creations.

speech/language activity
packs available for:

The Paper Bag Princess  

Turk and Runt  

The Bear Who Slept
Through Christmas

The Wild Toboggan Ride
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Upcoming Trainings
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Fair Oaks Elementary School
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EdCamp Rome
March 18, 2017
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EdCamp? They are FREE!
You can come to share
your expertise, or just
to learn from your
peers. Free food,
prizes, comfy dress!
Take-away message from this
year's ISTE conference:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't
" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
If you would like to schedule a
training or webinar for your
group, or even set up a TinyTap
party with friends, feel free to
contact me!
Mar 2 - Dr. Seuss' birthday / Read Across
    America Day
Mar 3 - Employee Appreciation Day /
    World Wildlife Day
Mar 4 - Iditarod Race Begins, Alaska /
    Grammar Day
Mar 6 - Michaelangelo's birthday
Mar 7 - National Cereal Day
Mar 8 - No Smoking Day / International
    Women's Day
Mar 9 - Barbie's birthday / Meatball Day
Mar 11 - Johnny Appleseed Day
Mar 12 - Daylight Savings Time Begins /
     Girl Scout Day
Mar 13 - Good Samaritan Day
Mar 14 - Science Education Day / Pi Day /
     Einstein's birthday
Mar 15 - Absolutely Incredible Kid Day
Mar 16 - Freedom of Information Day /
     No Selfies Day! / Panda Day
Mar 17 - St. Patrick's Day
Mar 18 - First Space Walk 1965
Mar 19 - Earth Hour / International Read
     To Me Day
Mar 20 - First day of Spring / Poetry Day/
     National Teenagers Day
Mar 21 - UN World Water Day / National
     Sing-Out Day
Mar 25 - Tolkien Reading Day
Mar 26 - Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Mar 30 - Van Gogh's birthday
Mar 31 - World Back-up (your data) Day