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Holiday lesson from
Note: This is free as one of your first 3
free lessons to try out the site. You
normally need a membership. This
lesson addresses the meanings behind
all the major winter holidays and the
relationship between them and the
winter solstice - great language/history/
science combined lesson.

Scholastic Winter Holidays

Winter Activities Page
APP of the Month
Take a snap shot of any
worksheet with your iPad and
be able to type on it! This is a
free lite version. Pro version
is $4.99, subject to change.
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Some of My Interactive Lessons:
From The TinyTap Marketplace:
Celebrate Games Day Dec 20th
by making your own games
with your students!
TinyTap's latest feature:
Animated icons and stickers, as
well as the ability to import gifs
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How about a data mgt service?
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  Christmas      Hannukah         Kwanzaa
The Gingerbread
Skills Lesson
Where is HanuKat?
Spatial Concepts
Shameless Promotion
Check out my store in
MzWeb's World:
The Bear Who Slept
Through Christmas
46 page speech/language
theme unit activity pack
The Wild Toboggan Ride
44 page speech/language
theme unit activity pack
350 backgrounds and layouts!
Perfect for all your TpT and
TinyTap creations.

speech/language activity
packs available for:

The Paper Bag Princess  

Turk and Runt  

The Bear Who Slept
Through Christmas

The Wild Toboggan Ride
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Upcoming Trainings
Want a step-by-step intro
to using TinyTap?

TETC Conference
Murphreesboro, TN
Dec 8, 2016

Private Webinar
Jan 10, 2017:
"Filling In The Technology
Gap For The 21st Century"

Elipse 3.0 Conference
Univ. of N. Ga, Gainesville
Jan 21, 2017
Take-away message from this
year's ISTE conference:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't
" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
GaETC2016 Conference
Ga.International Conv.Ctr
Atlanta, GA
November 3, 2016
Me with Richard Byrne.
LOVE reading his stuff!
If you would like to schedule a
training or webinar for your
group, or even set up a TinyTap
party with friends, feel free to
contact me!
For December
Dec is Safe Toys and Gifts Month, and
Write to a Friend Month

Dec 2:  Special Education Day/
         Fritters Day
Dec 3:  Internat'l Day of Persons
           with Disabilities Day
Dec 4:  National Cookie Day/ World
           Wildlife Conservation Day
Dec 5-11  Computer Sci. Educ. Week
Dec 5:  International Volunteer Day
Dec 7:  Sale on TpT speech stuff!
Dec 9:  Pretend to be a Time Traveler  
Dec 10: Human Rights Day/Gingerbread
             Decorating Day
Dec 12: Gingerbread House Day
Dec 14: Monkey Day
Dec 15: Cat Herder's Day
Dec 16: Free Shipping Day
Dec 18: Filmmaker Steven Spielberg's
Dec 20: Games Day
Dec 24: Hanukkah begins at sundown/
          Christmas Eve
Dec 25: Christmas
Dec 26: Kwanzaa begins
Dec 27: Visit the Zoo Day
Dec 31: New Year's Eve
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There's been a mistake ...
I asked for 100 Elves!