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Explaining the Difference
Between the School and
Medical Models
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Party Halloween
Learning Games
7 different Halloween games:
spelling, word search, vocab,
tracing, jigsaw, memory, coloring
Free. Requires basic reading.
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The Dyslexia Resource Page
now includes Dysgraphia info

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Recently Released ...
No-Cook treats w
vis directions,
follow-up activities.
Ages 3+
Early math skills
for counting 1-5
and matching.
Ages 3+.
Silly song about
parts of head/face
Ages 2+
Halloween Games:
Prek/Kdg -
matching, hidden
pictures, listening for
clues, and memory
Gr 1-3 -
Word games,
critical thinking
Aud Discrim
Games for
word pairs:

L vs. W, Y, R

R vs. W, L

S vs. TH, SH
Silly song about
major body
parts. Ages 2+
Fun escape
room-type game
for compound
words. Age 5+
Intro to life cycle
of plants, and
plant parts.
Age 5+ sci vocab
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For the first time
user. Step-by-step
intro to the
features of
YouTube channel
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Collection of my ten
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kinds of things you
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Hot Topics
TinyTap activities for the month
October - AAC Awareness!
Tutorial for using
TinyTap to create a
free AAC device
Oct 3 - Techies Day
Fun puzzle
game to learn
some sci vocab
Age 6+
Oct 7 - Bullying Prevention
Info for victims,
bystanders, and
parents. Age 5+
Oct 7 - World Habitat Day
Which does not
belong game to
intro animal
habitats. Age 3+
Find the
game with
animal habitat
theme. Age4+
Oct 22: Stuttering Awareness
All about stuttering,
for classes/staff/
Age 7+
Oct 31 - Halloween
See also Recently Released
Various same/dif
tasks. Good for
verbal comparing
Age 3+
animated story
about a scaredy
cat. Literacy
skill. Age 4+
Halloween puns,
jokes, & riddles.
Age 5+
Follow spatial
directions with
this fun story.
Age 4+
Seasonal Themes
Lots of vocab for
Autumn/Fall, early
science concepts,
and color sorting.
Ages 3+.
Find & describe the
differences in the
pics w/ a buddy.
Ages 4+
Fun game to learn
spatial concepts &
Age 3+
Practice adding
within 5 in this fun
fluency game.
Age 5+ (Kdg math)
subtracting w/in 5
in this fun fluency
game (Kdg math).
Age 5+
Specifically Speech
TinyTap Activities for
Artic, Voice, & Fluency
Aud Discrim for Speech Sounds
Self-Monitoring     Homework
Vocalic R Tips    Short Vowels
P,B,M,W modules      T,D,N Practice
S Blend Practice    Carryover Games
Wd-Conv level games
Classroom Lesson   EasySpeak'gVoice
4 modules about
prosody: stress,
intonation, phrasing,
& informal assessmt
Shameless Promotion
Check out my TpT store for story
theme units, backgrounds and
layouts for TpT and TinyTap
creations, games, & more. This is
what keeps this site ad-free!
MzWeb's World
2 fun board games
my students loved!
Includes dice and
"speech bucks".
2 sets of picture
cards (dif age levels)
and directions for
five different S/L
games to target
vocabulary, follow'g
directions, basic
concepts, verbal
16 printable
Halloween character
pics w directions for
4 dif S/L games.
a  Web site dedicated to the awesome
public school Speech-Language Pathologists
What We Do
This site is a place where SLPs can share their lessons, materials,
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"What do we live for, if it is
not to make life less difficult
for each other?"  
- George Eliot
Oct 1: International Coffee Day
Oct 2: Internat'l Day of Non-Violence;
 Custodial Workers Day
Oct 3: Techies Day
Oct 4: World Animal Day; Taco Day
Oct 5: World Teacher Day
Oct 6: World Cerebral Palsy Day;
 Mad Hatter Day
Oct 7:
TpT's SLP Must Have Sale;
Day of Bullying Prevention;
World Habitat Day
Oct 8: Face Your Fears Day;
 Pierogi Day
Oct 9: Fire Prevention Day; Bring  
Your Teddy Bear to School Day
Oct 10: World Homeless Day;
  World Mental Health Day
Oct 11: Coming Out Day (gay pride)
Oct 13: Train Your Brain Day
Oct 14: Columbus Day;
  Native American Day;
  Canadian Thanksgiving
Oct 16: Dictionary Day; Boss' Day;
  World Food Day
Oct 17: Wear Something Gaudy Day;
  Mulligan Day
Oct 18: Developmental Language
  Disorders Day
Oct 21: Apple Day
Oct 22: International Stuttering
   Awareness Day
Oct 25: International Artists Day
Oct 29: Internet Day; Cat Day
Oct 30: Candy Corn Day
Oct 31: Halloween; Magic Day
Need some inspiration for lessons? Check
out all the special events happening this
month! Tie your therapy to the arts,
history, science, cooking projects, and
celebrations around the world...          
October is ...
Emotional Intelligence Awareness Mo
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
AAC Awareness Month
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