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National Stuttering Assoc.
35th Annual Conference
Chicago, July 2018
stuttering resources
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App of the Month

Research has shown altered auditory
feedback to be an effective treatment
for some stutterers, including kids.
4+ stars
Adjust delay time and pitch, record the
speech to analyze later. Uses wired or
bluetooth headset or earplugs. Cheap
to try out to see if AAF is an option for
your stutterer.
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All about AAC
New From TinyTap

For the new school year...
Now you can
QR codes
for your students
to easily log in to
get their
It's finally here!
Now you see it,
 Now you don't!
Interactive layers that
appear/disappear with
a tap. Great for those
Memory games!
My New Releases (NO Print!)
(free for a limited time!)
Puzzles of alphabet letters to
learn to identify the shapes of
letters. Appropriate for PK,
ages 3-5, pre-reading skill.
Call it a chart, call it a communication
board. This provides visuals to help
describe common objects. For ages
4-5+, PK, early ELA skills.
Help your PK students discover
shapes all around them. Perfect
for Ages 3-5, pre-math skill.
For Kdg/ages 5-6+, this activity
teaches children how to predict
what might happen if something
in the environment changes.
This science activity targets
scientific thinking skills.
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In the meantime, check out
their tutorials to get you
off on the right foot.
Shameless Promotion

Check out my store in

Story-based theme units!
TinyTap/TpT backgrounds
and layouts!

Just Released...

This is a theme unit of STREAMS
activities based on the classic
story of the Boy Who Cried Wolf
(science, technology, reading,
engineering, arts, math, social
skills) for low-language students
and ELLs. See the coordinated
app for narrative skills in
the TinyTap marketplace...
FREE infographic of the
IDEA, ADA, & 504 laws
click on picture below
Take-away message from Dr.
Michio Kaku, ISTE 2017:
"Technology will never replace
teachers. But teachers who use
technology will replace the
teachers who don't" (and yes,
that means SLPs too!)
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"What do we live for, if it is not to make life less difficult for each other?"  - George Eliot
                Pizza Month
  International Black Cat Month
     Computer Learning Month
 Stuttering Awareness Month

Oct 1:  International Coffee Day,
International Stuttering
           Awareness Day Online
           Conference begins (1-22)
Oct 2:  Child Health Day,
        World Habitat Day,
        World Prevent Bullying Day
Oct 3:  Techies' Day
Oct 4:  World Animal Day
Oct 5:  World Teacher Day  
Oct 6:  Mad Hatter Day
Oct 7:  Check TpT for sales!!
Oct 9:  Columbus Day,
        Canadian Thanksgiving Day,
Fire Prevention Week
Oct 10: World Mental Health Day,
         World Homeless Day
Oct 11: Take Your Parents to Lunch
Oct 12: National Poetry Day
Oct 15: World Math Day
Oct 16: Boss' Day, World Food Day
Oct 22: International Stuttering
            Awareness Day
Oct 23: National Magic Week
Oct 25: Pablo Picasso's birthday,
        International Artists Day
Oct 27: Black Cat Day
Oct 28: Make a Difference Day
Oct 29: Internet Day
Oct 31: Halloween, Magic Day
Need some inspiration
for lessons? Check out
all the special events
happening this month!
Tie your therapy to the
arts, history, science,
cooking projects, and
celebrations around
the world.           
OCTOBER is ...